SNL Just Confirmed No Apartheid Exists In Israel


The latest edition of Saturday Night Live (SNL) tried to joke about Israeli efforts to vaccinate all its citizens. And yes, citizens include non-Jews as well.

It took only 8 seconds-

“Israel is reporting that they’ve vaccinated half of their population. I’m going to guess it’s the Jewish half,” Che said on the long-running NBC show.

Therefore, by making such an intelligent statement SNL is implying that there is no apartheid in the Jewish State despite those continually claiming to the contrary such as members of the Squad.

During the time that Apartheid existed in South Africa, only whites were given full citizenship and rights, many of which were denied to blacks. Many professional jobs were unavailable to blacks and that included the medical profession.

In Israel today, there are many Arab doctors, nurses and other professional staff that work in Israeli hospitals, HMOs and other medical facilities.

Long before SNL made this untrue statement about Israel, we have been giving vaccine shots to many non-Jews as well. So that statement implying Jews are the only population group receiving the vaccine is totally false.

Israeli Jews Make Up Nearly 75% Of The Population

The State of Israel has a population of approximately 9,227,700 inhabitants as of July 2020. Some 74.24% are Jews of all backgrounds (about 6,829,000 individuals), 20.95% are Arab of any religion other than Jewish (about 1,890,000 individuals), while the remaining 4.81% (about 434,000 individuals) are defined as “others”, including persons of Jewish ancestry deemed non-Jewish by religious law and persons of non-Jewish ancestry who are family members of Jewish immigrants (neither of which are registered at the Ministry of Interior as Jews), Christian non-Arabs, Muslim non-Arabs and all other residents who have neither an ethnic nor religious classification.[4]

SNL’s claim that Israel has a “Jewish half” is totally misleading. And it is obvious SNL is interested more in laughs than getting their facts straight.

More Than 500,000 Americans Die From COVID

If They Lived In Israel, Many Who Died After The Vaccine Came Out Would Have Been Saved

Is That Also Something SNL Will Joke About?

According to the latest information from multiple news outlets, the American COVID death toll has now climbed above 500,000 or nearly 100,000 more Americans have died due to the Pandemic than were killed in WWII.

It is very sad that SNL must make such a cheap joke against Israel, when many of those Americans who recently died from COVID might have been saved had they been vaccinated like myself and my fellow Israelis.

Its too bad SNL producers are not sensitive to those American families who lost loved ones due to the shortage of vaccine.

To those families, that is no joke.

In fact, readers who are angry with SNL for this cheap shot against Israel should stop watching the show and refrain from supporting its advertisers.

Then we will see if SNL producers will still be laughing.

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