Snow Day? Then Warm up with a $10,000 Writing Contest

Recently the Meaningful Life Center announced a contest to write about… Chassidus.

I realize that about 90% of you probably want to click to the next article now, but please hear me out!

Are you interested in psychology? Consciousness or what’s called the “mindfulness” movement? Are you intuitive, creative, skilled at marketing and business?

Then you’re almost there!

The contest is about applying Chassidus. How do you apply mystical thoughts to answer real-world issues?

The material is all there, but most of us would never know it. This is why, although I am not affiliated with the contest, I’ve offered my time and assistance. To help you locate the material to match your interest.

For an example of how consciousness translates into Chassidus, this is a piece I recently wrote for the news site I recently co-founded,

The contest campaign page is here:

Please email InwardNewsService [at] Gmail [dot] com with your questions. 


About the Author
Yonatan Gordon is a student of Harav Yitzchak Ginsburgh, and co-founder of