Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

So much for the facts

There was a professor who taught his theory to his students. “But professor,” said one student, “the facts don’t support your theory.” “Well,” replied the professor, “so much for the facts.”

Ten years ago, two-thirds of Israelis held that giving Palestinians land for a state would bring peace. After October 7, a Gallup poll showed the reverse – two-thirds of Israelis were against giving away land for a Palestinian state.

Because the facts didn’t support the theory. Gaza had been given away, and this enabled terrorists to launch the October 7 attack.

So why do some still advocate giving away land? Perhaps because, like the professor, they can’t deal with being wrong.

But how can they keep pushing a Palestinian state, knowing that it can possibly (and probably) enable another October 7, G-d forbid? I think that they are in denial. They are so committed to the “land for peace” theory, that they refuse to see reality. They are so in love with their dream, and with their idealistic leap of faith, that they are in an alternative universe.

Basically, they are in la la land. Which is fine if someone wants to daydream and fantasize. But to put lives (not just Israeli lives, but Arab lives too) in danger is astonishing.

It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. It’s time to come back to earth. It’s time to swallow pride and acknowledge the facts.

It’s time to grasp reality, and to show that they really care for their fellows.

It’s time to declare, that for the sake of peace, and to save all lives, Jew and Arab, that Israel must not give away any land.

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