Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

So Much Happening

There are so many news items. Major world events occupy our attention. Israel, China, Russia, U.S., and so on. Many countries are dealing with issues that threaten to seriously undermine life as they know it. And it just keeps coming, as people wonder why this is happening, and what can be done to make things better.

The U.S. is quickly approaching an election, and many Americans are fraught with concern about whether democracy will survive, especially if half the country doesn’t accept the results.

China’s economy is reportedly slowing down considerably. with many Western companies reluctant to deal with them. Youth in China are disillusioned; many are literally just lying down in bed, as they fail to find suitable employment, even though their parents self-sacrificed to give them the best education. These young people exerted themselves tremendously, and are devastated to see that their, and their parents’ efforts, were for naught.

France faces growing discontent, with past protests from unhappy Frenchmen, and new protests by immigrants.

Europe is very concerned about the war between Russia and Ukraine, wondering how secure they are from Russia in the future, and scrambling to obtain sufficient energy supplies.

Russia is trying to win the war, or at least to achieve a respectable settlement. Ukraine is trying to do the same. Fears of nuclear war is being expressed by many, and countries seem to be nervously watching their every step, so as not to start a nuclear confrontation.

Nothing seems to be working. No system seems to be failsafe. Democracies and autocracies are in danger of toppling. Everyone is anxiously following news reports, wondering where all this will lead, wondering what could possibly solve everything and stop the dysfunction.

Israel is now experiencing demonstrations for and against judicial reform. Numerous countries are trying to weigh in and influence Israel’s government. These countries, which are having their own existential crises, are suddenly experts on what Israel should do.

So what is the solution?

The answer, quite simply, is Torah. The Torah tells us what to do, how to live our lives, and how to make the world prosperous and peaceful.

G-d told Moses at Mount Sinai to instruct all the nations to obey the seven Noahide laws. This will make the world peaceful.

And the Torah tells the Jewish nation to not be afraid of foreign pressures. Rather to trust in G-d to protect us.

In the portion of Torah that will be read this Shabbat, Moses tells the Jewish people entering the land of Israel, that in case they panic and worry that they are so few, in comparison to the nations who were then living in Israel, “Do not fear them. Remember well what G-d did to Pharaoh and to all of Egypt.” (Deuteronomy 7; 18)

Some ask, “Why do the Jewish people commemorate on Passover, an event that occurred three thousand years ago?”

Now we know why.

And Moses continues to describe G-d’s miraculous salvation of the Jewish people from Egypt: “The great wonders that you saw with your own eyes, the signs, miracles, and strong hand and outstretched arm with which G-d, your G-d took you out; G-d your G-d will do the same to all the nations that you fear.” (Deuteronomy 7; 19)

So there is nothing to be afraid of. For over three thousand years, the Jews have celebrated Passover, remembered how G-d saved us then, instilled confidence in each and every generation, young and old, that our salvation depends not on horses or chariots, not on modern weaponry and the good will of other nations, but only on G-d.

We need to foster good relations with others, and procure effective weaponry, because the Torah instructs us to not rely on miracles. But we remember the miracles, we remember that what makes our efforts successful is our adherence to Torah and our reliance on G-d alone to protect us, and to redeem us in the complete Redemption with Moshiach.

May we see it very soon.

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