Ralph Loewenthal

So you know what “APARTHEID” is?

Perhaps the current spate of terrorist attacks and murders of innocent civilians throughout Israel is the third Intifada.  Maybe since we are being labeled an “Apartheid State” we should make that a reality and that would stop these horrific acts of violence.

Let us see if that were true what would be happening here in Israel.

There would be no Arab Israelis in the Knesset. The Arabs would not have the vote nor any sort of representation in government other than municipalities run by lackeys of the “Apartheid Government”. There would be separate schools, universities and hospitals for Jews, and Arabs. All public facilities would have separate entrances for Jews, and Arabs. All public transport would be racially separated with separate busses, and trains for Jews, and Arabs. In all towns and cities only Jews would be allowed to live. Only live-in maids would be allowed to live in servant’s quarters. If the maids had children, these children would have to be sent to their grandmothers in the farming areas with no running water, no latrines, no electricity, no phones, in fact no facilities that the Jewish population take for granted. If there was a suburb where Arab Israelis lived, they would be forcibly removed to a township on the outskirts of the town or city, and would be just dumped with little or no building supplies to create some sort of shelter. There would be no Arab cities or towns in Israel, just small farming villages.

The Arab men, and the women, who were not live-in servants, would have to leave home very early to take busses to work. No Arab would be allowed to stay in the city or town after work, unless they had a permit to do so which would be obtainable from the police. They would have to carry a special pass, and have it on them at all times.  If they were caught without their pass or a permit they would be put in jail, sometimes for weeks, or months, awaiting trial. They would return late at night, meaning they would hardly see their children. These children would have to fend for themselves. The Arab schools would be miserable structures with very little infrastructure or supplies. The Arab teachers would be hardly educated themselves. The scholars would be forced to learn Hebrew, and all the subjects would be taught in Hebrew. The scholars would not be allowed to learn in their mother tongue. Certain freedom songs like “We shall overcome” would be banned, as would be many movies. Newspapers would be severely censored, with some leftist newspapers being closed down. Their editors and reporters would be either arrested or given the option of being expelled from Israel. No Arab newspaper would be allowed. All radio and TV stations would be state controlled. It would be extremely difficult for an Arab to get a passport.

Abbas and his Hamas cohorts would have been summarily tried, and convicted of treason. They would be serving sentences of 20 years up to life imprisonment. Abbas’ wife would be under house arrest in a small Bedouin village in the Negev. She would have to report every day to a police station in person. She would not be allowed to have more than three persons sitting together in her home. All Arabs caught attempting any terrorist act would be tried, and convicted of treason.  They would be sentenced to death. Any Jew caught attempting to help the Arabs to free themselves, would be tried, and imprisoned. Those not residing in jail would be under house arrest under the same conditions as Mrs. Abbas. They would also have the option of an exit permit to leave Israel. Of course any of the above mentioned who managed to leave Israel, illegally, would have to be wary of receiving parcel bombs in the post or being assassinated.  Any person suspected of being against the State, could be arrested, and tortured. Some of them actually committing suicide by jumping from a first floor window???

This is “APARTHEID”!

Not some lies told by people who are trying to delegitimize, demonize, and wipe Israel off the world map. Something has to be done to ensure the safety of all Israeli citizens. We cannot allow the sacrifice of the lives of our brothers, sisters, children, and friends to carry on. These sacrifices on the altar of “Being Morally Correct” are just Israeli lives being wasted. The rest of the world does not care if Israel is “Morally Correct” or not. Israel will still be accused of being the “Evil Perpetrator”. All parties within the Knesset need to work together to stem this third “Intifada”. All political aspirations have to be put aside to allow a speedy solving of this crisis. We are all one “Am Yisrael”.

About the Author
Born in Port Elizabeth South Africa 26/12/ 1943, Ralph attended school in Port Elizabeth and Uitenhage. He had a long career in computer programming, systems analysis, and in organization. He has been a Human Rights, Peace activist for many years.