So you think you have done it all?

So are you one of those people who thinks they have done it all? That’s a pretty broad question but what I mean is have you thought … I need some new ideas for this school vacation because I have done it all?

As the founder of Fun In Jerusalem, I get the opportunity to hear about new things all the time and as a blogger I love to share them.

So I am going to let you in on a little secret…there are new activities and events in Jerusalem all the time. Here are a few you may not have tried yet.

Tour Adumimalenu2The adumim area is filled with exciting places to visit on a day trip. Go behind the scenes of a Halva Factory, visit the Castel Museum of Art, enjoy a mosaic workshop, visit an agricultural rooftop garden and more…Shelley can plan it all for you –

Beit Getz – The House of Rav Getz  Beit Getz Half FlyerLooking for something new to do in the Old City. Meet the grandson of the former Chief Rabbi of the Western Wall. Learn about the history of the Old City, how Rav Getz was involved and visit his home, which is now a visitors’ center.

Zomet Visitors Center – Ever wonder how a Shabbat Elevator works? Or how doctors in Israeli hospitals write on Shabbat? Learn about Shabbat and technology and how the Zomet Institute has made a difference to your Shabbat. There are exhibit videos in English and you can arrange a custom English workshop. Located in Gush Etzion.

Susan’s House – if you haven’t been to this incredible amuta (non profit) then make sure to check it out this Hanukkah. Susan’s House provides job and art skills to troubled teens. The teens are taught to give arts & crafts workshops for families. You can choose from wooden 3D puzzles, to ceramics or glass jewelry. Their factory store is my favorite place to buy shabbat and birthday gifts. Special Hanukkah Event at Susan’s House Wednesday December 9 from 5pm-7pm.

Jerusalem Puzzle QuestPuzzle Quest FriendsThe Escape room craze is all the rage and in Jerusalem there is an added challenge. While you are trying to solve the riddles and find the clues, you need to avoid the Nazir who will try to catch you. This is a great night activity and something fun to do with teens or just adults. Located in Talpiot.

Caving & Biking in Park AdullamNekudatMotsa (5)Winter is the perfect time for a bike ride in the National Park near Beit Shemesh. You will see beautiful greenery and pass by ancient ruins and caves. For the more adventurous in your group, you can take a guided tour of the caves. Nekudat Motsa rents the bikes and can arrange the guides for you. Ask for Uri.

Biblical Museum of Natural HistoryZebraHanukkaWhat does the leopard have to do with Hanukah? Is this Zebra authentic or was it photoshopped? Come on a hands on tour of the only Biblical Natural History museum in Israel. Rav Slifkin & his staff teach you about the animals in the Bible and teach you about the animals in the Land of Israel.

So…did I find some things you haven’t tried yet? I can’t give away all my secrets at once. Stay tuned for more ideas during the next school vacation. If you want to see what’s happening over Hanukkah visit the Fun In Jerusalem calendar.

I would love to hear about places you think I may not know about. Feel free to comment below.


About the Author
Joanna Shebson runs Fun In Jerusalem, a Jerusalem tourism website that inspires family fun & Party in Jerusalem inspiring families to celebrate Bar/Bat Mitzvas in Israel. She and her husband made aliyah in 2007 from Los Angeles and love living in Jerusalem with their three kids. Joanna has an MBA from Kellogg Business School and is known for thinking out of the box especially when entertaining her kids.