Socialism’s evolution from Democracy to Dictatorship


From the news media:

Nearly 150 years after electricity came to South Africa, the country is in the dark. The blackouts can strike at any time and then lights, hot water and even major industries vanish into the darkness.

Storing perishable food in the fridge has become a gamble. The meat you buy today may be inedible tomorrow if the rolling blackout arrives and lasts long enough to destroy all the food you cooked.

With rolling blackouts that can last for as long as twelve hours, South Africans have grown used to eating by candlelight and heating water the old-fashioned way. Those who can afford it have been stocking up on generators . But the demand is so high that it can take a month to even obtain a generator.


What is going on in South Africa is not a natural disaster. It is a predictable result of the transformation of Socialism from Democracy and Prosperity into Dictatorship and Misery.

The major steps in this transformation in South Africa as everywhere else were as follows.

• During the colonial times, the Englishmen created a promising capitalistic economy – of course, with all capitalistic inequalities and racial problems – that provided most of the Black African majority with the opportunity to begin improving their wellbeing by working for the “white-privileged” capitalists.

• When the de-colonization times had come, the Black African had become the “Black-privileged” rulers who began transforming the capitalistic economy built by the Englishmen into a “more just” socialistic economy (with the influence of the Soviet Union) that led to the “more equal” wealth redistribution along the lines of Socialism’s doctrines.

• The more equal wealth redistribution meant getting more goodies as a gift from the government – not as a result of your own wealth-producing work.

• The policies of the more equal wealth redistribution led to

(1) increasing the demand for the free goodies given by the government – if it is free, why not to demand more;

(2) increasing the level of confiscation of wealth (through various taxation schemes) owned by the wealth producers – if you are economically uneducated, you do not understand the crucial role of the wealthy people in producing the national wealth;

(3) decreasing the interest of the wealth producers to create more wealth – if you are not properly rewarded for producing the wealth, you stop caring about producing the wealth;

(4) reducing the amount of wealth available for distribution and redistribution – if you stop caring about producing the wealth, the wealth generation goes down;

(5) decreasing the amount of the free goodies delivered to the population – of course, the government has much less for redistribution;

(6) demanding the restoration of what was given before – naturally, you suspect the government is using the national wealth for itself but not for you;

(7) protesting violently against the government which was not delivering on its promises – of course, you do not like the government is taking back what you believe rightly belongs to you;

(8) limiting sharply the civil liberties to crush the protests – that is what the socialist government is doing to preserve its power.


If the Socialism’s transformation from Democracy and Prosperity to Dictatorship and Misery is a proven-by-history fact [see some facts at ],why those who are advocating Socialism in our country, the USA, are doing this?

The answer to this question could be found in the biographies of those Democratic-party contenders for the US Presidency – almost two-dozen are running, and almost all of them advocate for some form of socialism. Almost all of them are not making their money by directly producing the wealth. They are making their money by working for the government or assisting it. Their wellbeing is supported by the government’s money. A bigger government means more national wealth in the government’s hands and more money for those who are making their money by working for the government or assisting it.

Socialism brings a bigger government and more money for those who are making their money by working for the government or assisting it.

That is the answer!

It looks like those who understand the dangers of socialism have only one “savior”, and he is Donald Trump – you may hate him, but you need him.

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