Society’s cage

You can always tell between a wild lion and a caged one. People don’t realize that there is a difference, but there is! They see a lion at the zoo; they don’t think too much about him, it’s just a lion. They look at this powerful beast with all its glory and don’t think much of it, but truthfully this beast is dying from within. This is about their struggle and how it reflects on ours.

Imagine a jungle, many of us have never been too one, but we have all seen jungles in movies or on national geographic, pic, etc. We can’t begin to imagine the size of the place physically; we need to see it to understand it. Now that’s a home for our beast. A wild lion lives wildly day and night and all of his life he is in survival mode. You may ask, Survival? Why would the king of the jungle need to be in survival all the time? He’s the king, the most powerful one out there. We’ll all animals do what they do all the time every time to survive, The Alfa lion is no different. He’s always on the lookout day and night, for lions who want to take his throne, his wife’s, or other animals who want to eat his kids, the need for food, and more… the wild lion senses are always in tip top shape, he notices every detail and he’s always in prime shape. He knows his domain and makes sure that other animals know it too, he needs all the time to show who the ‘man of the house is’. He provides and protects Because of that he is the way that he is.

Now take that lion that power, that beast, that energy and its love for the jungle, and stick it in a cage. What do you think that will do to him? At first the lion is still its self; the jungle side of him keeps him going. Full of power, looking to learn his domain, the thrill of a hunt it still fresh in his mind, always doing everything to survive. Days start to go by, and the lion notices that his domain, his realm has nothing in it but him. There starts to be no need for his senses, his power, there are no threats, can’t go out to hunt, and why should he? Everything is given to him. No place to run, no need to prove his the Alfa, his life loses its meaning. You can see it in their eyes; if u ever get close enough you can see it. The wild free lion that was once is no more, now he has forgotten everything. What’s left of him is what the cage provides him, he relies on us for everything, and he can’t do anything on his own. He is now a poppet of humanity.

Society, causes us to be that lion! It’s hard for us to see this about our lives and our self’s in it. But as a person looking at our Society from the side, I see our Society from a different angle. I can explain: Ever since the Industrial revolution we have been relaying on society and the things they create for everything we do. Before the Industrial revolution people lived in survival mode (like our lion). They Taught there kids everything they needed to know to survive, how to clean, cook, work the field etc. They didn’t have everything we have today, so they needed to find ways to handle everything themselves. Today as we Grow up we had many talents, ideas, believes, dreams and more. As kids we are kind of just like the wild lion…. Free in a way. As we grow up we become not that much different from the caged lion, we were put in class rooms, told what to do and say, college, work; we are in a way in a human cage. We lose most of our talents because we stopped working on them; we rely on Society to tell us what to do, learn and more. In fact, almost everything we do Society in a way told us to do. We can take this to almost any direction in our lives. Things we say, things we are, jobs, beliefs and the list goes on and on.

Now I’m not here to depress you about your today’s life and decisions. I’m not here to tell you that you are living your life not to its fullest, or what you’re doing is only cause that’s what the “human cage” has to offer you, or that what you though would make you the most money you went for, and not your dreams. There’s nothing we can do about Society and the things that make this generation the way it is. We all want to fit in so we “go with the flow”, and prefer not to stand out.

But what I am trying to tell you is that you have the chance to be different than the average lion. What makes us different is that we have the chance to leave the cage, and be are true self’s, do the things we love and stand out for good or for bad. Because who decided what you love is good or bad? Society did! You have a chance to change that. a couple of years ago being gay was considered a bad thing. To the extent that the DSM (classification and diagnostic tool) in previous years defined homosexuality as a mental disorder and today it’s not considered a disorder. And that happened because we made it happen, we changed the way society saw them one person at a time.

Every person needs to find that thing that makes them different, special, unique whatever it maybe. I wish you could share it with us all so we can all benefit from it, as a society and maybe even better us as a hole. But if you don’t then Hold on to it and use it as your joker card. Whenever you start to feel like the caged zoo lion, remember you are different. Take the thing that only you have, and use to guide you, help you, and calm you. Whatever it maybe, no matter how small or how big, chilled-dish or ridiculous, it’s yours and only yours. And once you have realized you still have a say in your life and your outcome. You are now ready to face the music once again.



About the Author
Ari Wruble has a BA from Ariel University in behavioral sciences and is a certified life coach. He is a full-time advisor and advocate (Hasbara) for Lone Soldiers, Lone Bnot Sheirut and olim families regarding national service at The Michael Levin Base. Ari loves to find the time to write things as he sees them.