Somalia’s Officials Explore New Diplomacy

Concerted effort, myth, politicized faith and carrot underpin Somalia’s contagious antisemitism but this unwarranted hatred lost momentum; Somali official Abdullahi Dool Somalia’s Director of Foreign Ministry urged his government to have ties with Israel. His pro-Jewish views resulted his job termination however; he never backed off his principled views and went hiding lest the terrorists my chop off his head.

The Muslim countries both Arab and Ajami that have already ties with Israel are Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Morocco, and Turkey. These same countries have played game of cat and mouse with Somalis for so long. Fed with this nonsensical hatred that harmed Somalis more than anyone else, now ask sanely. “Why don’t we have ties with the Jews as much as we do with other countries? Britain and China are non-Muslim countries and yet we still maintain business relationships with them; what’s wrong with Tel Aviv? Or we worship anti-Semitic God? Finally, they realized that it’s unfair according to the orthodox Islam to apply double standard Fatwas on the same countries when actually one sharia law applies to all of the People of Book (Christians and Jews) and polytheists are beyond the scope.  You either have relationship or break it all. The essence of the scriptures details so and everything else is a man-made verdict including the exclusive hatred reserved for the Jews worldwide.

But Arab regimes politicized Islam to whitewash the scholarly consensus that Jewish Unitarians are more close to Muslims than the Christian West of Trinity for the Middle East conflict.

In the last century alone perhaps, Muslim preachers disseminated their own personal toxic which directly contradicted to the core verses of the religion that equate Jews with Christians if not more privileged.  .

Fadumo Abdullahi Mohamud Somali Ambassador to Geneva abstained vote on Golan Heights. She broke very old record of Somalia’s blind diplomacy confined to Arabs’ desires and wishful thinking. She let the world know that her country is a capable of pursuing foreign policies independence of petrodollar influence.

For how long Somalia will remain held hostage? Will they ever abandon from self-inflicted imjuries? The State of Israel  has unique expertise in water and farming, two twin problems that pained them from time immemorial.

But Somali leadership chose to participate the Arab summits on oil drilling contracts while millions of their fellow Somalis at brink of humanitarian disaster.

At the disposal of Cairo and Petrodollar countries since independence from Italy, Somalia’s cultural Islam and sovereignty wasn’t fully mature, they were told.  Mogadishu cut ties against its own interest just to please the people out there in the Middle East who do have people-to-people movement and exchange of student programs with Tel Aviv not to mention the joint military exercises Turkey and Israel have together.

But the popular custom that Somalia used to have, namely accepting ‘sacred’ dictations from semi-divine leaders of the cousins of the prophet still undeniably strong within the high echelons of Somali weak government backed by the West.

The deep-rooted antisemitism widespread in all walks of life in the Somali society which Ilhan Omar submerged had lost its taste and the people became aware that Allah has no special hatred against his creations contrary to the previous belief.  Although the word Israel is God’s beloved name for His mighty prophet Israel and mentioned in the Quran, my people struggling with hatred and prejudice, shunned the glorious name, Israel, Lot, to call their children for pleasing Arab fellas. It’s an Un-Islamic.

Chinese faithless laborers share congested room with displaced Imams in Somalia and it’s okay while the hatred and insults against Jews continue unabated. The hatred were marketed as a blessing or mandatory according to Islam which isn’t true. Islam calls love and mutual understanding. When it will okay to have water engineers from Israel to combat the chronic famine that perished Somalia’s major livelihood?

By the way; there is silver line in the cloud. The positive events happen in the Arab world don’t stay in it. It impacts the rest of the Islamic world positively, for example, the Saudi reform leader MBS if he visits to Tel Aviv, the rest of Muslims realize the wall of hatred and loathing can be destroyed. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia means to the Muslims what the Vatican means to the followers of the Catholic Church; so changes of the hostile attitude prevalent in the hateful KSA drastically changes the entire Muslims’ perception globally.

The second-class Muslims like Somalia selectively isolated Israel—doing so thought to be a religious virtue—may realize that the matter has much to do with geopolitics in the Middle East contrary to the previously-held religious belief. Hating unborn children of Israel is a heinous sin.

For Example, the Director’s dismissal say a lot about the whole system in place. They claim to fight against the deadly terrorists when Israeli expertise and technical know-how of dismantling terrorists’ money laundering and Arabs’ bankrolling has been ignored. Israeli military aid—in my view— should be requested officially from Tel Aviv rather than sipping coffee with Arab kings while gossiping Jews.

Iran Embassy was kicked out of Mogadishu following Saudi dynasty direct lecture to evict. Saudi Arabia likewise using small carrots again asked Somalia to take sides with the Saudi-led blockage against Qatar or hell with it. Somali president Abdilahi Farmajo, a New Yorker sat back, said wait a second, and defied Saudi diplomatic Fatwa demands; an exemplary step hailed by Kenya social media. It was first time Somalia ever disobeyed Arabs’s diplomatic dictations and left the culture of sheepish loyalty to Arabs’ cheap bickering behind to focus on the challenges that lie ahead.

During my stay in the Gulf States, I observed that Palestinian fund raising charity box was everywhere from Mosques to nightclubs while Kashmirs who under attack is omitted from Madrasa curriculum all over the poor Muslim countries including mine. Above all, Rohingya genocide is mirroring close to the holocaust but none of the Arab Imams who obsess with the destruction of Jews as it can be the gateway to Heaven are reluctant to speak out against the extinction of Rohingya.  I really applaud Jewish-American reporters who brought this genocide to the global spotlight.

Islam should didn’t and can never be vehicle of hatred and destruction. The faith wasn’t intended to be inhibition to Somalia’s progress and its pathway to Israel. The crooked interpreters of the Wahhabi cult twisted some Hadiths to fit their agenda.

A quarter million Jihadists rushed to Syrian bloodbath turning small scale ‘unholy Jihad’  to bloodbath. That rush made us look barbarians. as Muslims death and destruction the only bond that binds the coreligionists. Many Muslims now backs off whole concept of Muslim solidarity of jihad drama since it was reduced to the motto of the killing fields of Allah Akbar. Somalia’s hunger alleviated by the western NGOs are often funded by Jews and Christians with few enlightened Muslims. But still we are unappreciative let alone return the favors.

Somalia isn’t poor but was made it look so because of its choices of wrong policies and dancing with the wrong team besides the absence of the effective leadership that serves the nation.

Early 60s, unconfirmed history says Israel is the first country helped gain Somalia full membership of the UN while Arabs suggested that’s premature to recognize collective tribes whose notion of nationhood is virtually void and their faith of humanity at the critical deficit. Arabs said they can’t embrace modern system of government having lived in tribalism as their only known system for centuries.

Israel should stand by those Somali officials who dare to speak truth to terrorists and  to anti-Semites like Congresswoman Ilhan Omar and to those who think keeping hostile views against Jews will help their countries’ economy. Hatred and animosity doesn’t help anybody but it only divides the man.

About the Author
The Writer and Journalist is a Somaliland Activist and Senior Editor at The Democracy Chronicles, African news edition; his upcoming novel " Lily in The Dumpsite." a girl whose father wanted her to be a boy to fight for him and his tribe because females are burden and someone's else comfort and sex object.