Some Good News For the Jewish Community After A Horrific Day Yesterday!

Firstly, that despicable attempt of disguising Anti Semitism in supposed Judaica (Hanukkah gift wrap, to be specific) was finally taken off the shelves. While Hallmark may be trying to dodge the issue, Walgreen’s knows exactly what’s going on with Hallmark. In the words of Kelsey Miller, “Let this be a lesson to quality control managers everywhere: No one’s buying it. ” I have to burst one of Kelsey’s bubbles, though: based on some Facebook comments, some people are buying Hallmark’s Anti Semitism (I know that comments mocking Ms. Schapiro were certainly made yesterday. I myself am not looking at the ones made today, although they’re there and you can read them for yourself.).

Meanwhile, Alan Gross is hopefully closer to coming home (well, at least home away from home). Here’s hoping and praying that Mr. Gross can at least return to the United States  have a miraculous refu’ah shelemah (Would I and others love to see the Castros, allegedly b’nei Anusim, confronted, especially if they are bogedim!). May Mr. Gross also have the mazel of going home (making aliyah) if he can.

Also, France and Poland are becoming nation states which once again bless ‘Am Yisra’el. Mazel tov v’yaser ko’ach, Tzarfat v’Polinyah!

About the Author
Born in the Diaspora in 1990, Nicole Czarnecki didn’t even know that she’s Jewish until about 2008. As a Jewish Christian and an aspiring olah with more of a history than she ever knew and hope for a future of which she can't even begin to dream, she aspires to help others learn from their histories and build hopeful futures for everyone whom aspires to pursue tzedek and tikkun ha’olam.