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The Jews being the Chosen is GOOD for everybody
From Israeli news-media outlet Haaretz: 79 Percent of Right-wingers Believe Jews Are the Chosen People. Are You for Real? Whereas belief in God is a private matter, the belief in a chosen people provides the outlines of policy that explains a great deal about Israel’s actions. When they say that they are the chosen people, it reveals their psychosis.

Of course, Haaretz as the spiritual leader of Israeli (and American) Left-wingers believes, and the anti-Semites share this belief, the chief sin of the Jews is that they do not doubt they are Chosen by God to be the supreme humans above everybody else and they use this supremacy for enriching themselves by deceiving the others.
However, the truth is that Haaretz and the anti-Semites distort the very meaning of being the Chosen.

The true meaning of being the Chosen is to take upon themselves a very difficult task of helping the humans to transform the individual and collective morality from the pagan one to the Bible-based one, which nowadays is perceived as Judeo-Christian morality – to build a better world for everybody with everybody.


Dangerous divide between “liberals” and “conservatives”
In the historic American past, we did not have this dangerous divide between “liberals” and “conservatives” that now ruins the nation. Both the “liberals” and “conservatives tried to strengthen the Judeo-Cristian spiritual/moral foundation of the nation by emphasizing and strengthening different aspects of this foundation.
In the contemporary America, the contemporary “liberals” are not defending and strengthening the Judeo-Christian spiritual/moral foundation of the nation – they are trying to replace it by something new that at its core is anti-Judeo-Christian. And that is why we are now in the state of a cold civil war.


Why our news media are not as defined by the First Amendment
Yes, that is true – our news media are not anymore the free press as was defined by the First Amendment to the Constitution. Our news media now are for-business corporations and should be legally treated this way.

The same news-media outlet of the original era of the First Amendment was read and trusted by everybody – leftists and rightists, democrats and republicans, whites and blacks, citizens and new immigrants. Everybody was able to find the trustworthy information in the same newspaper. That is why the false news were collectively detected and rejected. At those historic times, the individuals – not the news media – were interpreting the information along the lines of their faith or ideology. The news media were making money by selling the facts – all facts, not ideologically selected or more “profitable” facts.

Nowadays the situation is completely different.

The news media are selling the ideologies, policies, legislative ideas, and everything else of peoples’ interests – not the facts. The facts are selected, or even fabricated, to make an item-product being sold more attractive.

NYT is tailoring and selling their products to those who want to remake the USA – from a Judeo-Christian nation of individual freedoms to a nation governed by a clique of politically-correct elitists. Fox News is tailoring its products to the people who want to preserve the Judeo-Christian foundation of the nation. …
We have to treat the current news media as they are now – not as they were a hundred years ago.


On how to fight anti-Semitism
Anti-Semitism should be fought not by denouncing it but rather by disproving the false accusations against the Jews that are at the root of anti-Semitism.
From the news media:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited Vilnius (Vilna), Lithuania, where he attended a summit of the Baltic states (B3+1) and will met with Lithuanian Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis, Latvian Prime Minister Maris Kucinskis and Estonian Prime Minister Juri Ratas.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that he intended to counterbalance the European Union’s ‘unfriendly approach to Israel’ through direct contact with European leaders, as he began a three-day visit to Lithuania. Netanyahu: Lithuania is part of my family history – ‘My great-grandfather came from Lithuania.’ Netanyahu meets Lithuanian president during Baltic trip, says visit has special meaning for him.


Correctly, instead of retelling the horrors of Holocaust in the territories of the Baltic countries, Benjamin Netanyahu recaped the history on how the Jewish communities before WWII peacefully coexisted there together with the Baltic nations, and helped those nations create a better economy, a better financial system, a better arts, a better connections to the outside world – many important things that helped those nations restore their independence after the Tsarist and Bolsheviks’ servitude.


On who invented anti-Semitism
Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad (one of the spiritual leaders of Islamic Malaysian nation): “Anti-Semitism Is an Invented Term to Prevent People from Criticizing Jews for Doing Wrong Things.”

Let’s agree with Mahathir Mohamad (MM) that Jews invented anti-Semitism “to Prevent People from Criticizing Jews for Doing Wrong Things” and see what kind of wrong things we the Jews have done.

• We discovered One God who treats all His humans as equals with their own individual unique ability to create and respect the others as “myself.” Of course, MM honestly believes it is wrong since their God-Allah splits all the humans into two unequal groups – the true believers and the infidels, and the infidels must be eliminated spiritually or physically.

• We are teaching the God’s guidance in the Ten Commandments “Not to Murder” any human life. Of course, MM honestly believes it is wrong since MM’s tradition requires the honor killing and the killings in the name of God-Allah.

• We are promoting the Bible guidance for equal justice for everybody. Of course, MM honestly believes it is wrong since the system of justice he relies on treats all humans unequally – the dhimmis (Jews and Christians) legally are second-class citizens.

• We are leading the financial institutions which generate money by charging the “interest” – the money that are invested into the economy that provides ever-increasing material well-being of all humans. Of course, MM honestly believes it is wrong since his faith assumes that everything should come from God-Allah – not from the God-guided human creative work.

• We are leading the development of new technologies which make the economy much more productive and the human life much more enjoyable. Of course, MM honestly believes it is wrong since his faith prescribes only one source of happiness that is the worshipping of God-Allah.
Should we the Jews stop doing all those “wrong things” to stop the anti-Semitism?


On American-Russian relationships
Let’s change our relationships with Russia from punishing Russia that have not reduced the Russian rival actions against our country and our allies to negotiating with Russia that may make the rival actions manageable.

From the news media: Trump said he discussed the situation in Syria and Israel’s security among other issues in his private meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, adding that he would consider lifting U.S. sanctions if Russia took positive steps on Syria or Ukraine. “I would consider it if they do something that would be good for us. But I wouldn’t consider it without that,” he said.


Russia is trying to restore its strategic world influence in the historic areas of its dominance that was ruined by the short-term Bolsheviks’ murderous dictatorship. That has led to intelligence/diplomatic confrontation with the USA which had expanded its strategic influence into the same areas.

The USA is trying to keep its strategic advantage utilizing the “economic warfare” against the contemporary Russia – like what brought the victory over the Bolsheviks’ Russia. However, it looks like, now it does not work. Why? – Because the contemporary Russia is principally different from the Bolsheviks’ Russia in two crucial ways.

Firstly, although many in America do not believe in the Russian democracy, now Russian people are democratically electing their authoritative leader in accordance with their historic urge to put the public order above the individual freedoms.
Secondly, now Russian people have a relatively free and therefore productive economy (of course, not that free as in America) that let Russia survive the “economic warfare” and work on creating the new anti-American alliances with some countries which are strategically competing with the USA such as Turkey, Iran, North Korea, China, Syria, and even EU’s Germany.

Russia is creating new alliances with these American rivals instead of its clearly expressed preference for much better economic and political relations with the USA.
Thus, we are losing in our rivalry with Russia. Of course, many in America politically benefit from worsening relationships with Russia but strategically America is losing.

What to do? – Begin discussions with Russia on how to significantly improve our relationships – in other words, how to make our rivalry manageable to the benefit of both countries.

About the Author
Vladimir Minkov graduated from the Naval Engineering Academy in the former Soviet Union, served in the Soviet Navy and there received his Ph.D. At the end of 1970s he immigrated to America where democracy and the Judeo-Christian spirituality of this country made it possible for him to actively defend both his scientific and spiritual ideas. In the USA he has found the place for his scientific public work in the spiritual realm of One God and Torah.