‘Someone did something!’

Tyrannical ideologies like Fascism and Nazism, and now Islamism (the last of the ISMs) cannot be defeated while it is yet an emerging power, entrenched among the miserables and the less fortunates, ingratiating itself sometimes with people of color and immigrant communities and sometimes through currying favour with human rights organizations and LGBT groups. They can only be exposed if they are in power and in total control.

So far, the majority of Sunni Muslims are consumed by the Islamists utopia and their meta-narrative about a predetermined divine-led victory over the “Jews and crusaders,” in stark contrast to Shiite Islamist republic of Iran where the general mood now is staggeringly different than in 1979 when streams of excited Iranians overflowed the streets of Tehran clasping blown-up photographs of Ayatollah khomeini and calling for an Islamic renaissance. Even a prominent French philosopher like Michel Foucault was deluded. Today Iranians waxed nostalgic about the Shah era and its white revolution atmosphere.

By backing Islamists, many credulous volunteers are dooming unknowingly their own culture, their democracies, their lifestyle, their civil rights, their freedom of speech and belief; the society of art, innovation and knowledge, and everything beautiful that modern civilization has brought along. Islamism is just the bête noire of all this values.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions:

Under the banner of Islamophobia, multiculturalism, polical correctnesse and other concepts of post-modernism; masked Islamists are fooling the Western public opinion, managing to escape criticism, distracting purposeful and dialectical discussions, acquiring divisive posture and insinuating gradually into higher and important positions. The mockery of it! Even a revived Hitler could re-emerge under the protection of a neo-Nazi-phobia. But we forget easily, all the atrocities and miseries of The Nazi folded away and so the one committed by Islamists in the last thirty years. “Someone did something!”

I am the boy
That can enjoy

Appear and disappear, and again reappear…

But their should be no distinction between an antisemitism derived from a deranged human being and a “holy” anti-Jewish doctrine originated from a devine revelation in the cave of Hira. Unfortunately, most critics of Islamism are often confined to soundproof rooms, misconstrued as anti-Muslims bigotry, xenophobia or white supremacy propaganda.

Feeding the ideological beast is a deadly mistake, many had indulged in it and costed them dearly. It happened once with Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, when he unleashed Islamists from the jails of his predecessor and used them to act as equalizers and watchdogs to the leftists. When he signed the peace treaty with Israel, they killed him. Qaddafi who turned his “Jamahiria” into a safe house for Islamist terrorists from all sorts, when he fell into their hands they killed him in the most sordid and barbaric way.

Saudi Arabia and UAE were until recently the patrons of Islamism. They harbored Muslim brotherhood members for years. They provided them with protection against Pan-Arab military dictatorships of Egypt and Syria. They funded their works and published their books and enshrined them as the scholars of the Islamic world. The first King Faisal Prize was awarded to the Pakistani Islamist Sayyid Abul Ala’a Al-Mowdoodi in the year 1979 for his service to Islamism. He was the Godfather of political Islam worldwide and the founder of terrorist jamaat-e islami group of Pakistan. The worst of the worse.

It was only on the eve of the Arab spring that the gulf states began to feel that the consequences are coming home to roost, and that Islamists are determined to overthrow the “lewd” and “unpious” kings and sheikhs of the Arabian peninsula and replace them with devoted Mujahideen who are willing to advance effectively the cause of an Islamic caliphate and declare Jihad on Israel. But can they stop them? Or is it too late?

However, Qatar is taking the lead now after Saudis and Emiratis have started their crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood and its offshoots. Extremely wealthy, the ambitious small Sheikhdom is eager not only to promote Islamism in the Arab world but all the more in the west itself and by its charm offensive operations it can even influence the policy makers in Europe and the U.S. Their motto: Money can buy everything.

Since the Abbasid and Umayyad dynasties, princes used to have learned teachers and sages who taught them religious moralities, etiquettes, literature and poetry… Once the grown-up prince became the caliph he would reshape the state on the values and ideals injected to him by his mentors. So a caliph could be like Almamoun (r.813-833A.D.); a sober-minded and progressive ruler, or an ignorant troglodyte like Al-mutawakil (r.847-861A.D.) who had persecuted the Jews and other minorities, and prohibited the study of logic and philosophy that Al-Mamoun had before encouraged and promulgated.

Residing in Qatar since the 1960s, cleric Youssef Al-Qaradawi— the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood noted for his fatwa authorizing suicide bombing attacks on Israeli civilians even if the victims were children and women, and by his Aljazeera TV program Shariah and Life that made him Billy Graham of the Middle East— has forged the state ideology of the Emirate and conformed it to the incumbent Islamist credentials, inducing its consecutive rulers to strengthene the dinamism of Islamism in the Middle East through supporting Islamist movements and building an unprecedented far-reaching propaganda apparatus tasked with the indoctrination of the masses.

What Qatar’s doing now constitutes more danger to the Jewish people than anything has happened in the last 70 year and demanded an immediate response from Israel’s army or intelligence services. Qatar is undoubtedly more harmful to Israel security than black September, PLO terrorists, Egyptian and Syrian armies in 1967 and 1973, the Intifada, Hamas and PIJ, and even Iran.

Israel can confront its enemies through military measures, intelligence operations, assassinations of terrorists, diplomacy and leading-edge technology. It did protect its citizens that way and it keeps protecting them successfully.

However, Qatar is offending otherwise. Through buying high-ranked politicians and eminent journalists, prestigious think tanks and outstanding media outlets funding, financing political parties and election campaigns; it could inflict serious damage to Israel reputation at the international level. It could reshape the Overton window and make what was inadmissible in the past arguable today. The writing is on the wall.

About the Author
Taha Lemkhir is a Moroccan writer and photographer. Degree in Arabic literature and Islamic studies. Critic of Islamism. languages: Arabic, English and Spanish. He Lived part of his life as an Islamist— until enlightenment flashed through his heart.
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