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Sometimes, the Truth Isn’t Allowed on Quora

I’m offering this without my own commentary for your evaluation. Comments are invited, especially ones that can explain and justify Quora’s policy decision.

The Question: Why don’t the Israeli occupiers of Palestine go home and leave the Palestinians alone?

My Answer:

If you going to complain about an occupation, you probably ought not to use a name used by bigoted colonialists: Palestine. That’s the name used by the Greek and Roman colonialists, who tried to force the Jews to Hellenize (Greeks) and ethnically cleansed them from their own land (Romans).

Anyone calling themselves a “Palestinian” is using the name associated with the bigoted colonialists against the indigenous population. There is a reason why Al-Aqsa mosque is built upon the site of the Holy Temple: because Muslims wanted to express their dominance over the homeland of the Jewish people.

The true native Palestinians? The Jews, of course. And the Arab occupiers of the Jewish homeland should stop trying to murder the Jews and live with the natives in peace.

Policy Violation:Be Nice, Be Respectful.” The Question was not seen to be in violation, only my Answer.

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