Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

Sometimes you just want to cry

When things seem very very tough, when the world is screaming at you, just because you defend yourself, the way countries always do, and especially after being victimized twice, the Holocaust and October 7, and the world wants to give you an arrest warrant, and equates you with the terrorists who brutally massacred lives on October 7, and on top of this, it’s been 2000 years since we were last in the land, and we were banished among the nations all over the world, when all this happens, then sometimes you feel like you just want to cry.

And you ask yourself, how long will this go on? How long will the nations continue to mock us? How long?

And you open up a book of Psalms, and your eye catches Psalm 13, where King David expresses the very same feelings of anguish, asking G-d how long must it go on, that it seems like G-d is forgetting him forever.

Five verses express deep anguish, as King David asks four times “till when?” “Till when will You forget me forever? Till when will You hide Your face from me? Till when will I try to deal with my soulful heartfelt daily anguish? Till when will my enemies rise above me?”

Then King David beseeches G-d to help him, lest his enemies rejoice and declare that they bested him.

And then, in the sixth and final verse of Psalm 13, King David abruptly changes his tone from bitter supplication to joyous assurance; “And I will trust in Your kindness, my heart will rejoice with Your salvation, I will sing to the Lord for His benevolence to me.”

What happened? How did King David suddenly and instantly change his mood from night to day, from pain and suffering to the utmost confidence and peace of mind?

And how was he so sure that G-d will help him?

The answer is, that it goes beyond the normal understanding. It’s the language of belief and trust that is expressed by the soul. It is the intimately deep connection, the essential bond with G-d, that reaches the epitome of joy and closeness.

It’s something one can’t understand unless you’ve been there, done that. It’s something that allows us to touch the Divine, to overcome all challenges, and to bring Redemotion for us and the world.

We trust in G-d. He protects us, does miracles for us (think of the 350 projectiles from Iran that were neutralized), and He will continue to protect us, forever.

The anguish hurts, but the love and devotion of the Jewish people to G-d, and His love for us, endures forever. And so does His salvation.

May it happen very soon. So that, very soon, we will rejoice with G-d in the third and everlasting Temple in Jerusalem, and Moshiach will teach the world how to live in peace.

We need just to strengthen our trust. And very soon we will see it.

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