Song Dedicated to the IDF

השיר הזה מוקדש לכל חיילי ההגנה שעשו ועדיין עושים עבודה מצויינת בעזה. לא כל המוזיקאים מסכימים עם רוג’ר ווטרס. בטוח שלא אני. הנה ‘בחזרה אליך’ גיבורים שלי. שלום – באהבה, מארק בלאקנל.

This #song is #dedicated to all the #IsraelDefenseForces that did and are still doing a great job in #Gaza. Not all musicians agree with #RogerWaters. I certainly don’t. Here’s “Back to You” my heroes! Shalom- Love #Mark Blacknell

Back to You (Lyrics)

In my soul I don’t know what I’ll find.
but I know that I’ll be fine
When I look out and let go
In my heart I’ll surely know

That I’ll be home again
As the story always goes
I’ll be home again…again

Sensations that are hard to describe
Feelings that I’ll keep inside
Hidden wonder that I couldn’t share
I’ll think of your innocence and I’ll be there

If I’ll be home again
I’ll leave well enough alone
If I’ll be home again…again.

Oh whoa, whoa oh whoa- Home 2x

I’ve seen things I wish I never saw
I’ve seen my best friends fall
When you see them, my eyes won’t be the same
but I promise, you won’t be to blame.

If I get home again
Through the highs and the lows
If I get home again… again

Change- And you will feel, the unseen me.
These things I hope I’d never be, the hate and
fear that people bring, the awe and hope…
that I must learn.. again.

There’s a sense that I cannot shake
A focus they cannot take
When I forget this you’ll always be there
Because I know you really care

That I’ll be home again
In the life that we chose
If I get home again…again


About the Author
Mark Menachem Blacknell is an award winning film-maker ("Woke Up Alive" in Israel, 2010), internationally acclaimed singer/songwriter, US Marine Veteran and former public policy expert for the administration of Governor Edward Rendell.
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