Jonathan-Simon Sellem
Spin Doctor

Sorry, brothers in Africa, the “Palaestinaïsm” virus stole all the money for Ebola!

So now, the world is afraid of Ebola. France has implemented safety rules, identical to those taken by Israel: taking the temperature at the airport of passengers from several countries in Africa, emergency training, establishment of quarantine areas and… laboratories are working hard on a drug or vaccine!

In the United States, psychosis prevails. In Asia, they are afraid too. In the Arab countries in general, they don’t care: I must say that anti-black racism is unfortunately common. The excellent work of Yamina Thabet against anti-black racism in North Africa, as part of its Tunisian Association for the Support of Minorities, shows how Negrophobia is relevant in several Arab and Muslim countries.

The Ebola fever outbreak has caused more than 4,500 victims in West Africa, mainly in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. The UN has denounced the “selfishness” of several countries that “think and act only for themselves”. And, concerning a bank account created for the situation, here’s what Ban Ki-moon said: “We currently have $ 100,000 in the account. We need $ 4 billion.”

So we will let once again Africans die like flies. When the cause is not a lack of drinking water or food, it’s a simple lack of money. Ebola is treatable despite all. And we can also implement preventive measures in those countries to stop the disease.

And why?

Because the world is hit by a mysterious virus; Palaestinaïsm. This is a disease whose symptoms are madness, desire and the conscious/unconscious desire to destroy property and people, compulsive lying, denial… all this in a dictatorial regime that has not seen elections for so long that he forgot the last elections (not even municipal ones).

During the last Palaestinaïsm fever, the whole world came together to cry and sing the praises of this great sick body’s brain (Mahmoud Abbas), while he still refuses to sit and negotiate a peace agreement with his neighbor (we must say that the neighbor is Jewish…). Worse, despite what global doctors say, the Palaestinaïsm brain still refuses to recognize the right to existence of his neighbor!

And we didn’t even speak about the heart of Palaestinaïsm, Hamas. An identical terrorist movement to the one doctors are fighting in Syria, Iraq, and Mali… But doctors refuse shock treatment (we must remind again that the neighbors are Jewish…).

So, after this terrible disease last crisis, that erases any logic to humanity, the doctors managed to raise more than $ 5 billion in less than 24 hours to help the heart recover after a small phase of rebuilding rest. Yes, more than 5 billion… And you know what the brain and the heart requested? “Only” 4 billion!


Dear brothers in Africa, who are abused, killed, exterminated, who we let agonize, hoping that you will not come to western countries, Israel, we grieve for you. We have already sent dozens of doctors in your countries to help you. Even in countries that don’t have diplomatic relations with us, but we did it out of Zionism. In 1905, the father of this too often distorted movement, Theodor Herzl, wrote: “After feeding the children of Israel, the land of Israel will have to feed his African brothers”. That’s what we’re doing. We’re helping you. We treat you as much as we can, considering a country like ours, a country without petrodollars. And if we had these petrodollars, we would invest in your futur rather than in football clubs!

Brothers in Africa, Palaestinaïsm stole your future. Your children’s. Your brothers’, parents’ and cousins’. Palaestinaïsm destroys not only the lives of Palestinian cells that are sane, but also of Israel’s, and now yours. Yet you are not complicated! Bread, water and health. Work too. It would be so easy to please you. To treat you.

And when you do not have tears to cry at the funeral of your neighbor, despite the hope, never forget that the fate of your entire continent is based on the selfishness of 4 or 5 million Palestinians who seized money from the rich countries, countries in crisis but rich, who do not have enough to give you the small amounts you need!

About the Author
Jonathan-Simon Sellem is a French-Israeli spin-doctor. He specializes in Influence Strategies and cyber technologies. He is passionate about history without being a historian and has published several books in French and English on the history of Zionism and its leaders.