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SOS call to America to save Israel from its dictator

Credit: Yair Aloni

America has been Israel’s best friend, supporter, and ally since its establishment. Without America’s support, Israel would have a difficult time surviving in the tough neighborhood it has happened to be located. America and Israel’s iron-clad relations are based on their shared moral and democratic values, geopolitical interests, and the spirit of striving to better the world (the principle of Tikkun Olam in Judaism). Their partnership thrives on creative energies and a straightforward, no-nonsense cultures.

Since October 7, America has been standing by Israel like a caring and loving parent, embracing a devastated, humiliated and traumatized people. Since October 7, America has been standing by Israel like a caring and loving parent, embracing a devastated, humiliated, and traumatized people. Like a parent dealing with a complicated child, America has been navigating the multifaceted challenges Israel presents:

1. The naughty, dangerous facet: Israel’s current toxic government does not prioritize the interests of the majority of its people. It constantly uses half-truths to justify its actions and labels those who do not support it as traitors. This government has turned against its own military leaders and taken no responsibility for the grave consequences of its policies.

2. The orphaned, devastated facet: Israelis need comfort and support from the U.S., especially given the lack of support received from their own government.

3. The brilliant ally facet: Israel remains America’s best political and military ally and partner in the troubled Middle East if not the entire free world.

4. The moral, resilient facet: The Israeli society has shown unprecedented resilience and social responsibility, acting as a quasi-government by putting Israeli society on life support in the absence of a functioning government after October 7.

America has had to perform a delicate dance while supporting a country it loved and admired while being unable to trust its leader. It has provided Israel with military support while knowing that the Israeli government does not necessarily have its people’s interests at heart. This delicate balance is akin to a parent respecting their child’s freedom while intervening when the child is self-destructive.

The current Israeli government is not morally legitimate, necessitating urgent outside intervention. America and the world must understand: the current Israeli government does not represent the majority of the people of Israel. Seventy-five percent of Israelis do not support their government and demand elections. Most Israelis are modern, liberal, hard-working, creative and innovative, seeking peace with any willing and honest partner, which starkly contrasts with their current government.

The world should know that Israel has been hijacked by a coalition of 64 corrupt, self-interested, and messianic politicians. This government comprises Likud members who owe their positions to Netanyahu because they posed no threat to his reign and agreed to his corrupt management of the country. Every decent, talented Likud member under Netanyahu’s regime has left as Netanyahu does not tolerate dissent.

Netanyahu’s religious partners in the coalition are often pretentious, righteous “very religious” individuals, some with criminal records, who do not represent Jewish values or follow Jewish laws. They are looting the country as much and as quickly as possible.

It is no surprise that under such dysfunctional government, to say the least, Israel state is dire. The economy is suffering, people are considering emigration, criminal activities have surged, and the police force is not functioning properly, controlled by the Minister of Internal Security, Ben Gvir, who no longer pretends to care about security. Admitting the police’s inability to ensure safety, Ben Gvir has encouraged Israelis to purchase personal weapons for self-defense.

Families of hostages are ignored by the government. About 100,000 Israeli families from near the borders are refugees in their own country, sharing small hotel rooms since October without knowing when they can return home. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister refuses to speak to Israelis, hold media conferences, or answer questions. Like a true dictator, he fortifies his house with more layers of walls and confiscated land around his private home. It is said: only dictators fear the people in their kingdom. This is not a legitimate Prime Minister or government.

No wonder Israel is a nation in a state of depression. Israelis are sad, despaired, and hopeless, feeling they have no control over their lives and future. They lack the energy to protest to take down their government as they did before October 7. Israelis, otherwise tenacious, resourceful, and creative, are now in post-trauma. While 75% want the Netanyahu government to resign and call for elections, they are frozen in misery, having lost trust in their government and the energy to fight against it.

These are not normal times, and this is an unprecedented political situation. America must continue 76-year legacy of support, but this time it must navigate the complex situation carefully.

It is now legitimate to intervene to help Israelis remove the dictator. In the immediate future, inviting Netanyahu to speak to Congress would be a slap in the face for many Israelis, as it will give Netanyahu the legitimacy that he craves but should not receive.

Israelis desperately needs America’s help to rid themselves of the dictator.

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The writer, an Israeli-Canadian, is a lay leader in Toronto. She has dedicated herself to numerous Israeli and Jewish organizations, promoting meaningful engagement and fostering Israel-Diaspora connections. Her daughter made Aliyah during the Swords of Iron war.
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