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South Africa took a rotten monkey to ICJ

How South Africa submitted into carrying the Hamas rotten monkey to the ICJ on behalf of Iran is a question of conjecture better left to students of history and international law. By converting itself into Hamas legal department, South Africans are clearly playing the role of useful idiots to the Iran, China, Syria trinity of terror and destabilization.

The genocide case filed against Israel by SA at ICJ would, by a wave of the hand, get dismissed as an abuse of court process in a normal court of law. (Un)fortunately, the ICJ is a kangaroo court, a progeny of a corrupt UN system created to give cloak of legal rhetoric to logically and morally repugnant outcomes. Just ask yourself, after the October 7th massacre of Israelis, the continued attacks on Israel since then, calls for genocide against Jews whose mantra is “from the river to the sea” and a promise by Hamas leaders to repeat October 7th again and again and again….who should be on the dock? A democratic country fighting a defensive war or a genocidal terror gang whose declared mission for existence is extinction of Israel?

Well, aware of the spurious nature of their case, the South African lawyers did not only use the courtroom as a platform to address the Palestinian gallery and their Iranian sponsors. Clad in scarfs glittering with colors of Palestinian flag, they looked like the paradise choir of 72 virgins, a Jihadist package which awaits every terrorist who dies in the cause of murdering infidels.

In the panel of the current ICJ judges, sits a judge from China and another from Lebanon. To expect Israel to get justice in that setting is as utopian if one would have expected Nelson Mandela to get justice in an apartheid court during the Rivonia trial.

A few years ago, the ICJ overturned both the letter and spirit of maritime law by granting Somalia almost the entire Kenyan coast. For about a week, Kenyans, in their usual humor made fun of the judgment in Nairobi bars and coffee houses before proceeding to the next local political item.

I wonder what legal shenanigans the ICJ will play in covering for Hamas while injuncting Israel against defending herself and rescuing her citizens held hostage under the terror mole holes of Gaza.

Yet, judging by the brilliant presentation by Israel legal team…it is the ICJ which is on trial.

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Kanyi Ndewa (Lawrence Kanyi Ndegwa) is from Nairobi, Kenya. He is a lawyer and leadership consultant.
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