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Speak Softly and Carry Big Wallet

Maybe Bibi Netanyahu is corrupt.

Maybe Donald Trump paid off a porn star for her silence.

Maybe Abu Mazen thinks the Dutch brought the Jews to Palestine because they wanted to protect European colonialist interests.

Maybe — despite Bibi’s, Donald’s and Abbas’ personal weaknesses — there are undeniable truths that cannot be suppressed by their faults.

  1. There is a state of war between Israel and the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank and Hamas in Gaza. There is no “peace process.”
  2. Vice President Pence brought that stark reality into daylight when he said as much to President al-Assisi and the Hashemite King of Jordan, who convinces himself that he actually controls the Jerusalem Islamic Waqf.
  3. Pence announced that there would be an American embassy facility in Jerusalem by the end of next year, a prospect thought to be at least three years off.
  4. Trump and his South Carolina governor, Nikki Haley, are strangling funding to UNRWA, eliciting outrage from our peace partner, “President” Abbas, who provided funding for the 1972 Munich Olympic murder.
  5. Passage of The Taylor Force Act is inevitable, which will prohibit any US taxpayer funds from being transmitted to the PA for payment to the Martyrs’ Fund. The House has passed this law and it is awaiting action by the Senate (calling cryin’ Chuck Schumer, Israel’s “best” friend!).
  6. Abbas “completely rejects” Trump’s call to stop paying salaries to jailed terrorists and stipends to the families of dead terrorists. I think we all know where this is headed. There will shortly be no more American money for this abomination.

So, the idiot Donald Trump, with the worst comb-over in the Western world, declares that there is no daylight between the US and Israel (just for Iran’s benefit), declares that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital (which was American law since 1995, but declined to be acknowledged by Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama), subjects himself to condemnation by the UN, has Nikki Haley tell them to go to hell, and has his VP announce in Jerusalem that the embassy will be moved by next year.

Our peace partner responds with perhaps one of his most unhinged speeches ever, reinforcing the notion that the word “partner” can never be attached to him. In a two-hour diatribe, he cursed Israel and the US and offered that Trump’s house might “be destroyed,” an awful pledge that misfortune strike his family.

Arafat and Abbas have used every excuse imaginable to walk away from the negotiating table, and Trump has now delivered the most terrifying one. That the divided city that Israel reunited in its stunning military victory in 1967 may now be its indivisible capital city with America’s support unless it gets a peace agreement that ensures its security and its Jewishness.

It will never get that from that Abbas or from the Jerusalem Islamic Waqf. That’s why the king of Jordan was schvitzing over that beautiful table, while Mr. Pence patiently listened noncommittally. Because while the king would like to put on a more dramatic show for the sake of the large “Palestinian” interests that helped build the Hashemite kingdom (but who are denied Jordanian citizenship because it would just screw the pooch), the king with that lovely Mayfair accent is only too happy to accept the $1 billion he receives annually from Uncle Sam.

It’s unfortunate that some of the cash that Donald and Nikki are belatedly trimming from UNRWA fat will be impacting some of the “refugee” support in Jordan, but maybe the king will just have to make some budgetary adjustments, keep things a little quieter in the al Aqsa Mosque next time worshipers decide to smuggle weaponry into a house of worship, and inform his partner, Comrade Abbas, that the Mosque, the oldest structure in Islam, is dated to the late 7th century, while the Western Wall, all that remains of the Second Temple of Jerusalem, at which Mr. Pence prayed this week, is dated 200 years BCE.

The Comrade said just last week that Israel was a European colonial project and “has nothing to do with Judaism.” Gosh, that’s a flexible partner, you lunatic Euros, no? You’re doing such a great job with Turkey and Russia, and you’ve managed Syria with such aplomb.

I’m starting to like this “America and Israel First” thing. It really works when you have the biggest checkbook and it’s getting bigger.

Iran is really not going to like it when Donald decides that John Kerry and the EU screwed the American people to secure Obama a murderous legacy.

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