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Speaking out helps! CPL Pablo Lima Cleared of all Charges

Waking up to this good news so quickly is amazing.  I received an email from Anabelle Lima-Taub, the wife of the Corporal in Bay Harbor Islands Florida who was suspended due to his support of his wife’s comments against BDS.

It goes to show that when you believe in something you need to shout it out to the world and not be complacent.  You have to take a stand against evil and corruption and not be afraid.

Thanks all who liked the post and it reached Anabelle across the sea.

According to her email below, her husband was cleared of all charges and the claims were unfounded.  That is the purpose of the written word; to do good in the world and to try to combat negativity.

From: Anabelle Lima-Taub anabelletaub18@gmail.com
Subject: My Husband Corporal Pablo Lima Cleared Of False Claims

Message Body:
Hello, everyone; As of yesterday my husband, Corporal Pablo Lima, was completely cleared of any wrong doing. It was an attempt at black mail to get to me. Thanks so much for this post. Could you please write another post updating with a headline that Corporal Lima was cleared and that the claims were unfounded. Thanks so much, Anabelle Lima-Taub.

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