Spiritual Recovery: Garden by Garden

Picture by Daimyo Jackson
Picture by Daimyo Jackson


There will never be lasting peace in the Middle East unless the International community fundamentally redefines the nature of hatred. According to Nelson Mandela, “No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to  hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.”  With all due respect to Mr. Mandela, he is half right. According to kabbalah, we are in a state of klipat noga, half good half bad.

Just as a deeply routed nurturing tree is surrounded by field of a field of shallow rooted detaching weeds, so it is with our soul. Our natural and easiest inclination is to draw upon shallow rooted weed-like sustenance. The weed seeds of hatred manifest themselves as apartheid, bigotry, racism, terrorism and shrouded in deceptive peace and love.

The intentions of genuine heavenly peace and love were felt and related by finely tuned souls such as Martin Luther King, Jr. and Nelson Mandela, who, against all odds, were able to overcome their own inner protective egoistic walls. In the case of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, his “Stone of Hope into his Promised Land” and with Nelson Mandela, his inner apartheid.

According to Oprah Magazine (March 2009, p. 34) ” In the early 1970s, Nelson Mandela began keeping a vegetable garden on the prison grounds (His first plot was a rocky patch measuring just one yard wide; lacking tools, he had to dig with his hands.) In so doing, he not only found a way to supplement his fellow inmates’ scanty diet with fresh vegetables–he cultivated a space apart, a pocket of calm amid harsh realities. ‘You must find your own garden,’ he advises simply.”In our easy and privileged lives we forget the unique and vital role gardens play in human sustenance, and in the human heart.  Mandela’s words are a reminder that there’s a larger context to the pleasures and satisfactions we find in tending our own gardens.

Dr. King had an affinity for roses that he had acquired from his  grandmother. This was the inspiration for the creation of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. World Peace Rose Garden in Atlanta, GA.  I am convinced  that somewhere down deep within his soul, he felt the Zohar sensations of the Rose Among the Thorns. 

So many people in the Nations of the World question our motivations, our purpose and even our justification. They often wonder whether the world would be a better place if we were to be weeded out. From underneath a thinly veiled shroud of love, the terrorists promote the kind of hatred that detaches all of us from the mission ahead of us. They spread propaganda that Western culture is a cancer limiting their elevated spiritual lifestyle and future redemption.

For two thousand years, we have been in exile wandering around among the Nations of the world. Unbeknownst to most of us we had been spreading our Wandering Jew shoots emanating from our Jewish roots. It is worth noting that the roots do not belong to us, they were entrusted to us to spiritually root feed, strengthen and protect. Here is an exerpt from my book “Der Himmelsgarten” (Jan 2011, Alegria Verlag Berlin) that discusses the nature of this embedded wisdom:

Legend has it that 2,000 years before the Creator  created man He created the greater spiritual universe and mapped it out into 22  geo-spiritual quadrants. Each quadrant was root-fed with a unique combination of  heavenly wisdom and heavenly heart. In my book I discuss how these depictions  were sensed by the biblical Patriarchs and later chronicled as the 22 Hebrew  letters which were later combined into words, verses and books within the Bible.  The horizontal aspects of the letters relate to the degree of heavenly godliness  one feels in the heart and the vertical components signify the heavenly wisdom  to attain a specific level towards attainment. Biblical words like grasses,  rose, flower bud, water, land, roots tree, etc. contain embedded spiritual  instructions to cleanse the heart and garden the spirit. This helps explain why  people can feel spirituality while gardening. They are harmonizing with the  original root feeding of the spiritual letters, which will help them stream  their way back to the Garden.

To answer the question, why hate exists, you might as well pose the question, why the Creator created weeds in the garden. Only when  we take action to put ourselves back into spiritual balance by weeding  out hate,  The  answer lies in the recognition of the detaching forces that enervate sustenance from fruit bearing plants. Rooting out weeds in the fields and gardens with the intension of weeding out hate, allows us to draw and supercharge the Light throughout our souls and beyond.

Creating long lasting peace in the Middle East can be never be attained by tightly woven peace accords, which at best keep the weed seeds dormant, waiting for the first opportunity to pierce through the fabric. Peace must be fought in a spiritual guerilla gardening manner, from garden to garden throughout the region. There are plenty of international organizations out there supporting neighbor gardens to sustain the war torn populous.

We are now at a crossroads. We either continue to fall victim of the hate cycle, or to plant the first seed of  peace, and weed out hate.We need to spring up community gardens with the same  vigilance that our enemies create terrorist cells.  It is in our common interest to strengthen our common Jewish roots, by teaching our children in Gaza, in Ramallah, or in Jerusalem  how to weed out hate and sow the seeds of peace.   Perhaps there are opportunities for Israeli – Palestinian community gardens.

Now is the time to tap into the power of Nature changing our hearts. After down streaming our Wandering Jew shoots throughout the world for over two thousand years, the time has come to upstream billions of golden stardust souls through our common Judaeo-Christian-Islam roots back to  the Garden.

The roots of Israel’s tree can and shall be fortified and systemically protected against all odds. We have now acquired the necessary spiritual resistance for tasting and internalizing that once forbidden fruit connection with God and Nature.


About the Author
As the eldest grandson of Ross Daniels, the inventor of a horticultural irrigation tool for deep watering and feeding at the deepest roots, Marc spent the first half of his career learning about global gardening and gardener's trends. Ten years ago, he began thinking about how to take his grandfather's vision to the next level, for inspiring humanity to weed out hate and sow the seeds of peace through spiritual gardening.