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Spreading Family Purity – Article

Of course, family law is the cornerstone of everything.

Naturally, the basis of everything is the individual. But, when we look at society as a whole, it’s been said that the family is the building block.

The individual is the brick, the family is the home. Together we create the world.

A finely written article recently appeared. It described the fantastic work surrounding the project Mikvah Calendar. Particularly, it focuses on the founder, Mrs. Rivkah Bloom.

Rivka has been working hard on this (and other projects) for the benefit of others for decades. Having witnessed her (and her associates) toiling, day and night, through Halacha, technical innovations, promotion, research, editing etc. etc. for so long — I too, am immensely impressed.

Of course, I’ve been involved trying to help that site for many years. It has been hugely successful, thank G-d, and hopefully helping countless couples.

When the idea first arose, many years ago, I immediately thought it was a wonderful project. Since then it, and other hugely important and similar sites have been serving the public well.

Here’s a convenient link to that article:

The Woman Behind

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Fishel Jacobs was as a major in the Israeli Prison Service and Chabad campus chaplain at Tel Aviv University. He authored numerous bestselling books on practical Talmudic law in use worldwide. And is responding rabbi for numerous websites. He speaks worldwide.
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