Springtime is a time for rebirth. Yoga retreat.

kriya- nauli
kriya- nauli

Not only is Swadesh Sharma the kindest individual that I have ever met, but he is also a kriya (yogic body cleansing) master, who lived in a cave for two and a half years and was my yoga teacher in India last year.


While I was in India, Swadesh asked me several times if he could come to Yerushalem and if I could plan a workshop in Israel for him to teach.  So, when I returned to Israel, I asked around and realized that there are many people who want to connect with the ancient Indian techniques and find yoga as their spiritual outlet for relief, strengthening and balancing.

With springtime being a time for rebirth, we have decided to combine the traditional hatha yoga, including meditation, kriyas, pranayama (proper breathing exercises) with the Tel Avivi modern vinyasa yoga, allowing Swadesh to join forces with Shelley Diamond to heal all those wanting a break from everyday life and a chance to reconnect with themselves.  They will teach in the Negev Desert Ashram April11-12 13 to provide an oasis of relaxation, purification, self-introspection, fun and spirituality.  If you are interested in joining us, please let me know by email ljspeace@gmail.com or facebook Laura Shaz.

Yoga Retreat Heb

In addition, Swadesh and I will chronicle his trip to Israel on this blog. He will be in Israel for the whole month of April.  This will be Swadesh’s first time leaving India.  We are both very excited and looking forward to yogi-ing it in the holyland.

Please check in for more updates.  And don’t hesitate to let me know if you’d like to come to the magical springtime retreat.  Anybody who comes can consider themselves a lucky person!


About the Author
Laura Shaz, peacemaker, yogi and artist, was born and raised in Rockville, Maryland, USA to Jewish refugee parents of Moroccan and Eastern European descent. She studied Sociology and Near Eastern & Judaic Studies at Brandeis University. Laura made aliyah (Jewish immigration to Israel) in 2005 and completed her graduate studies in conflict resolution and mediation from Tel Aviv University. While working in this conflict region, Laura has found an outlet for relief and compassion through yoga, and she has been practicing yoga for the past 8 years in Tel Aviv. Recently she completed a teacher training course in India at Yoga Vidya (highly recommended!) She facilitates groups in conflicts, teaches yoga and organizes workshops. Come join! Breath in Peace. Breath out Love.