Stabbing Is A Personal Crime

Sure there are all the pundits out there attempting to somehow justify the recent spate of vicious attacks on Israeli citizens with the most superfluous sophistry and elegant dialectics.  From the inane explanation by the American president who seeks to justify Palestinian terrorism on the anguish of unemployed youth and the economic morass of the Palestinian leadership. Economic morass? The Palestinians have received, per capita, more than three times the entire amount spent by the Allies during the days of the Marshall Plan. Well, I suppose that most of these funds (paid for by hardworking American and European taxpayers) have been ensconced under the streets of Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich and have paid for Abu Mazen’s thirteen million dollar villa in Ramallah.

Be that as it may (or rather, as it is) the huge amounts of cash that have been responsible for the support of the media of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, have enabled these terrorist entities to twist the minds of tens of thousands of young people into believing that the greatest act they can accomplish in life is to kill themselves while killing Jews. Bad enough that they have convinced these tragic children that Jews are apes and pigs and that Israel is a cancerous tumor that they must excise at the cost of their lives but, these airwaves of ordure also pontificate on the blessings that these murderers receive in their vision of paradise.

Therefore. just like the Japanese kamikaze pilots who faced certain death for crashing their planes into American warships who were also promised eternal glory, these Arab thugs are willing to die for the promise of a better life in paradise. That is why they not only tie bombs around their middles, but they commit an ultimate act of butchery by plunging a razor sharp blade into the body of an innocent Jew.

You see, it isn’t an easy thing to stab someone. Shooting an enemy on a battlefield causes enough trauma to the hardiest combat soldier. But firing a weapon at a target that might be hundreds of yards away, or firing on a column of enemy troops from a fighter plane or lobbing shells onto an enemy vessel at sea is not up close and personal as is thrusting a blade into living flesh. I have known combat veterans who still shudder at the memory of using a bayonet or sneaking up on an enemy sentry and stabbing him to death.

Stabbing a person is an act of personal cruelty. You smell your victim and hear his screams, you can feel the blood flow onto your hands and see the shock and pain on his face. Imagine ancient warfare when soldiers faced each other with just a sword in their hands and combat was face to face, hand to hand and how horrific it must have been.

That is what is happening today in the streets of Israel. Plunging a knife into a body is very personal and only the most vile and evil type of indoctrination could create such a monster as one who stabs elderly men and women or sends teenagers to kill other teenagers. This isn’t legitimate combat, it is rank murder and savagery.

There is not justification for this criminal behavior and there is no fitting punishment for those who commit these atrocious acts without also condemning those whose sole purpose is to create a culture of death. Hamas says that it will win because it teaches the youth in its bloodstained media to love death.  The Palestinian Authority’s educational and public media systems inculcate this macabre philosophy to the children of the next generation as well.

We Israelis can arm ourselves with handguns, pepper spray and shock sticks and remain ever vigilant. The Israel Defense Forces will do their utmost to keep us safe and secure from our enemies. But until the culture of death is defeated, the stabbing will continue and the greatest tragedy of all is that no one seems to realize the gravity of the barbaric indoctrination that gives rise to the thug with the knife.

About the Author
Irwin was born in New York City and is now retired. He lives in Maaleh Adumim since making aliyah 7 years ago.