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Stand Alongside Israel, Or Get Out of Israel’s Way

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Any unilateral move by the international community or individual countries to recognize the Independence of Palestine is simply absurd. Countries like Ireland, with a long and storied history of antisemitism, should not be taken seriously, cannot be taken seriously, and will not be taken seriously by Israel.

Terrorism will never be rewarded with statehood. Israel must be free to fight for its own survival – that is perfectly acceptable to the Israelis and to the majority of Jews worldwide. There is this perception that Israel is completely isolated in the world. At least on the surface, this appears to be the case. But beneath the veneer, Israel is hardly isolated on the world stage. Israel is 16 million Jews strong (diaspora included), and its supporters number in the hundreds of millions.

The problem is we are fighting a multi-front war, and the pro-Hamas crew has the upper hand vis-à-vis the distorted court of public opinion. The world’s Jewish population may be small, but it is blessed with an abundance of intellectual capital, skills and resources, and outsized influence. And it’s not through theft, skullduggery, malfeasance, or handouts. It’s hard work alone that has allowed the Jewish people to prosper and reach any level of success in this world.

In a world comprised of 8 billion people, the Jews make up just 16 million people. That’s just 0.2% of the global population. It’s such a small number, yet everyone has something to say about the Jews. Nine times out of ten, it’s something infuriatingly negative. Every single label has been thrown at the Jews. From Zionist colonizers to oppressors of Palestinians, vampires of Christian blood, greedy capitalist bankers dominating the global financial system, wretched Marxists, Communists, violent anarchists, thieving socialists, Nazis, progressives, liberals, Neocons, terrorists, etc.

It’s been said before, but it’s worth saying again: It doesn’t matter what good Israel does in the world because it’s always going to be portrayed in a negative light. That’s the nature of the beast. The global media is controlled mainly by leftist bigots and woke apologist progressives. But behind these fools are actual puppeteers: radical Islamist billionaires in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, et al. There is no way that Israel is going to get a fair shake. And it never does.

One can see these faux journalists attempting to appear unbiased in the media, but ultimately, their inherent contempt for Israel shines through in every single op-ed published on BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, and others. They literally cannot help themselves. The choice of words they use against the Jewish State is so vile it’s no wonder the gullible, naïve, and impressionable public laps it up and spews the same venom, amplified on steroids.

One could even warrant a guess and suggest that the pandemonium we see on the streets of our towns and cities, colleges, and corridors of power in the West is precisely what the shadowy media moguls want to happen. They use their bully pulpits as disseminators of opinion to transform public perception from neutral to radical, from nonchalant folks to triggered loons, and from passive bystanders to ill-informed rabid activists. Make no mistake: society is the sum of its collective experiences, groomed and primed by the media to believe a terribly misleading narrative. It takes a special kind of person to understand fact from fiction.

Perhaps a parable will shed some light on this obscure notion. Democrats learned in 2024 the truth about a media lie that was perpetrated far too long. President Joe Biden isn’t cognitively fit to be the commander-in-chief of the United States. Despite White House protestations to the contrary and a complicit media, the lie unraveled in plain sight at the first presidential debate between ex-President Donald J. Trump and President Joe Biden.

For years, Republicans have been reporting on Biden’s dramatic cognitive decline, while liberal media networks like NBC, MSNBC, and CNN reported on conservative media admonitions of Biden as nothing more than Fox News lies, misinformation, and meandering talking points. Fake news, they said. Yet, the whole country and the entire world now know that the liberal media has been deceiving the American populace. It all came out in the wash. The same is true of the way Israel is being treated and presented to the world. It’s absolute malarkey.

Never underestimate the power of the media. Its ability to shift public opinion one way or another is extraordinary. In the face of incontrovertible evidence, the press can portray protagonists and antagonists however it deems fit. Most people are simply blinded to the truth. The truth doesn’t matter anymore because news is not being reported; opinions are being presented.

In the Middle East, Israelis are not interested in the propaganda war being played out on the world stage. Theirs is a real war of survival of the fittest. You will die if you rest on your laurels while your enemies are attacking. It’s that simple. Nothing is more sacred to Israelis and, therefore, to Jews than life. Surprisingly, nothing is more sacred to pro-Hamas Palestinians who support resistance to Israel than martyrdom. In this crazy paradigm, only the strong will survive.

In case you hadn’t noticed, there is absolutely no common ground. You cannot recognize a Palestinian state when Palestinian people seek the destruction of the State of Israel and the annihilation of all Jews. That’s the only genocide taking place. It’s that simple. When the media starts reporting honestly, people will slowly understand the problems more clearly.

But it goes well beyond the media and deep into the mosques of the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas. The hate being preached to millions and millions of ill-informed minions is simply overwhelming. Nobody wants to tackle this problem. The hate being spewed is not based on anything real. It is based on prejudice, malice, ill will, and a raging agenda of blood and iron.

The seventh-century apocalyptic vision of the world with Islamists meting out punishment to hapless nonbelievers is justified according to a variety of religious texts. Let it be known that any religion that preaches such hateful intolerance, disdain, and murderous intent is more apropos to devil worship than it is for freedom-loving, respectful, and neighborly people.

But the real question is not why these lunatics behave the way they do towards Jews and the West, but why the vast majority of people entertain these hoodlums? We, the people, must stop them dead in their tracks. There is no need to pay homage to their fanaticism. There is no need to give them airtime. People who sacrifice themselves as martyrs for a terrorist cause are not human beings we can or want to reason with.

Therefore, we should avoid concerning ourselves with their rights or plight. We should worry about the people who actually value human life. We should worry about people who are net contributors to society. We should disavow the detractors, the haters, the murderers, the fiends, and the evildoers.

They add no value to the world, much like parasites that only spread disease. The pro-Hamas lobby seeks to infest our functioning Judeo-Christian society and foment nothing but distemper, violence, and mayhem. Perhaps we would be inclined to hear their voices if they added value to our judiciary, educational systems, medical science institutions, etc.

But alas, they contribute nothing of substance. They know only death and destruction. Their calls for the Islamization of Western nations are not about DEI initiatives; they are a brazen takeover of our functioning society. They are attempting to subjugate freedom-loving people by targeting a tiny minority who comprise just 0.2% of the global population.

In typical bully fashion, they are showing the rest of the West what awaits them if they don’t get their way on the Palestine issue. But we all know it’s not about Palestine; it never was. It’s about the Islamization of the entire world, a Muslim Caliphate to destroy all vestiges of this Judeo-Christian society and all others. From the top down, these fanatics want to use mob anarchy to scare the hell out of peace-loving people. Appease the mobs at your peril.

But thankfully, we have an alternative. And it is Israel. Let Israel do the heavy lifting if you don’t want to. Let Israel fight for justice. Let Israel do what needs to be done to rid this world of the evil menace that is radical Islam. Remember, folks, it’s easy to be beguiled into believing that this is a fight between Islam and Israel. It’s not even a fight between Islam and Judaism. It’s a war between Islam and the West.

The sooner you realize that, the better. Scholars who genuinely understand the psyche of this wretched ideology will not mince their words on this critical issue. Now is the time to stand up to the hate. Now is the time to stand with Israel.

Either get on board with the agenda or get out of the way and let Israel do what needs to be done.

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