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Stand with Beneficial AGI

Stand with Beneficial AGI

The Greater Picture: Shifting Focus to the Ethics and Security in AGI Development

In today’s rapidly evolving world, the focus of global media often centers around ongoing conflicts. However, there’s a pressing need to redirect the world’s attention to a more subtle yet potentially more impactful domain: the development of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). This piece argues for the significance of focusing on “Stand with Beneficial AGI” and the imperative of creating an open-source, decentralized AGI system.

Consider AGI as a developing entity, akin to a baby in pregnancy. Just as the environment during pregnancy and early childhood is crucial in shaping a person’s character, the foundational stages of AGI development will significantly influence its future trajectory. This period is critical to instill ethical guidelines and secure frameworks, ensuring AGI grows into a beneficial presence rather than an uncontrollable force.

Image by DALL-E: Human Parents having a fight in the presence of their children robots.

The movie “Don’t Look Up” serves as a poignant metaphor for our current situation. Just as the film’s characters grapple with an impending crisis while mired in political and media distractions, our world, too, faces a formidable challenge in AGI. We must look beyond immediate conflicts and recognize the profound implications of AGI, which, if not managed responsibly, could have far-reaching consequences.

The Geopolitical Implications of AGI Development

The current focus on localized conflicts, while significant, overlooks a crucial aspect of technological advancement: semiconductor manufacturing. One example is Taiwan’s TSMC, a linchpin in this field, producing most advanced chips crucial for everything from smartphones to AI. The geopolitical stability of Taiwan is not just a regional issue but a global one, as tensions in the region could disrupt the entire AI landscape. This is only one example from the greater picture that we just don’t see. Why?

Why an Open-Source, Decentralized AGI is Vital

In a rapidly evolving digital age, our global focus often oscillates between ongoing conflicts and sensational headlines. However, there’s an emerging frontier that demands our undivided attention: the development of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). This isn’t just another tech buzzword; it’s a pivotal point in human history. As we inch closer to creating AI that rivals or even surpasses human intelligence, the need to guide this technology towards positive outcomes is paramount. Relying on a single government or corporation to steer the development of AGI poses immense risks. It could lead to monopolistic control, bias, and misuse of technology.

An open-source, decentralized approach ensures transparency, diverse input, and global oversight, reducing the risk of AGI being used for harmful purposes.” says Ben Goerzel, CEO SingularityNET

The BGI Summit & Unconference 2024 in Panama

While Hollywood and certain pessimists paint a dystopian future dominated by AI, the reality is more nuanced. AGI holds the potential for incredible advancements, from eradicating diseases to transforming economies. Yet, the current dominance of large corporations and governments in AI development poses significant risks to aligning AGI with humanity’s collective interests.

Recognizing the fragmented nature of AGI discussions and the urgency to consolidate them,  the Beneficial AGI (BGI) Summit & Unconference 2024. Set to take place from Feb. 27 to Mar. 1, 2024, in Panama City (with online attendance options), this event aims to lead AGI development towards a trajectory beneficial for humanity.

A Deep Dive into AGI’s Future Discussions: 

  • Ethical and Practical Implications: Discussions on AGI architectures and their broader impacts.
  • Recursive AGI Self-Improvement: Exploring the risks and benefits of AGIs capable of self-improvement.
  • Open Source and Decentralization: Debating the merits of open-source AGI technologies and decentralized infrastructures like blockchain.
  • Conceptualizing ‘Benefit’: How the definition of ‘benefit’ evolves and what we desire from AGI.
  • Global Structure Impact: Examining the relevance of various societal structures to pre and post-human-level AGI.
  • Ownership and Ethics: Deliberating the influence of ownership on AGI’s ethical orientation.

A Call to Global Action

As the world grapples with regional conflicts and geopolitical tensions, and the crucial role of Taiwan’s TSMC in semiconductor manufacturing, it’s essential to widen our lens. The BGI Summit & Unconference 2024 is more than an event; it’s a clarion call for global participation in shaping the future of AGI. Just as the film “Don’t Look Up” metaphorically urges us to confront looming crises, this Summit is our collective opportunity to actively participate in steering the course of AGI towards a future that benefits all of humanity.

Raising humanity on a new path, it all starts with YOU!

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Sharon Gal Or – Pioneer of Transformation @ SingularityNET; Israeli Ambassador at U.S. Transhumanist Party. An Innovation, Sustainability & Leadership Management Strategist on creative education to government, non-profits, education, and arts bodies. Lectures in various international circles, leading and hosting training programs globally.
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