Start-Up, Piggy, Revolutionizes the Ease of Creative Design

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Starting a creative project from scratch can be a daunting task, especially when faced with the feeling of “blank canvas paralysis” – not knowing where to begin or how to bring your ideas to life. Enter Piggy, a tech startup founded by Shaul Olmert and Ilan Leibovich, which aims to remove all barriers to communication through the use of advanced technology and an array of editing tools.

With the help of integrated Generative AI, Piggy enables users to automatically generate fully-designed, colorful, and mobile-ready documents from just a text prompt. Users have access to a vast range of templates and the documents can then be edited and enhanced using Piggy’s mobile app, which includes features such as adding videos, quizzes, voice memos, and GIFs. The creations made are stored in the cloud and are easily shareable, making it perfect for a wide range of uses, from cards for loved ones, to resumes, decks and student projects.

The startup targets the “smartphone generation” as Olmert coins those who have grown up with smartphones – providing them with an accessible route to expressing themselves on their most familiar device. Piggy’s primary goal is to solve the “blank canvas paralysis” by giving users a head start and a “skeleton” as a helpful first step to materializing an idea or notion. The integrated AI tool also helps users with decision-making when creating a visual document, while still leaving them with the option to edit, change or even redo the document easily.

In the midst of the hype surrounding generative AI and its evolution in the tech industry, one question that arises is whether this technology is replacing human creativity. Piggy’s founder and CEO, Shaul Olmert, has addressed this debate by stating that the goal of Piggy is to “bridge the gap between an idea and execution”, removing the hassle and time of designing a visual document, while still “empowering human ideas” and “feeding into the way humans work”.

The inspiration for Piggy came from a TikTok video created by a young girl when asked to demonstrate her state of mind during the COVID-19 quarantine, in which she represented her mood in a unique and creative way. This approach to expressing oneself in “one’s own language” inspired Olmert to create a tool that would make it accessible for anyone to exercise their creativity with just an idea. His aim is to enable all people to be included in the “language of social media”.

Piggy can also be easily incorporated into popular social media platforms like Twitter, with users able to tag “@makeapiggy” with a text prompt and receive a creative document in return. This highlights the benefits of Piggy’s technology and how it can be used as a reliable and innovative tool for searching and creating a designed document. Users can also insert a Google Doc’s URL into a search tab, which can be converted into a creative document. With Piggy covering many of its bases, this start-up is the route to efficiency.

Indeed, Piggy is a game-changer in the field of progressive and generative technology providing users with the tools to bring their ideas to life in a fast and efficient way. Its extensive features, templates and automotive tools make it a prominent startup in the tech industry. Piggy’s goal of bridging the gap between an idea and execution, while still empowering human ideas, is a significant progression in innovative AI. 

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