Starting to Rev Up…

Hey Everyone! I know haven’t posted in a while! Things here have started to really get busy now that the September holidays have passed! Last week we experienced our very first kickboxing class, with our tough-as-nails instructor, Lior. She is pretty badass, and the only female instructor we have. Coincidentally, this was our most challenging class yet! Sadly after kickboxing, I had hurt my ankle, and it prevented me from training for the rest of the week.

Jump ahead a few days, and as of yesterday I was back on the mat for Judo with Mischa, another one of our amazing instructors! He really pushed us, and boy did we feel it. Today we did more knife work in Krav Maga, really learning how to ensure our survival in a knife attack! Once again, I have to stress that I feel really safe living in Israel, and truth be told, the likelihood of actually being attacked is very slim. It is nice to know though, that if I was ever in a bad situation like this, whether here or at home, that I would have the know-how to survive!

This is our first full week of training since all of the holidays happened, and I am so excited to really embrace it! I know that this is going to be one of the most challenging experiences in my life, and I welcome it with open mind and open arms!

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My name is Jaime, and I am setting out on my first real adventure into the world. I am headed 9500km away to Israel to take part in a five-month intensive martial arts and fitness program! I have never really had much experience in martial arts, so this should prove to be, if nothing more, a really awesome and unique experience. After the program commences, I plan to stay and explore Israel and surrounding countries. Follow me along on my journey!
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