Stav Strashko, the First Ever Zionist Androgynous Model

Stav Strashko (Photo: tumblr)
Stav Strashko (Photo: Stav Strashko’s tumblr)

Stav Strashko has been one of the hottest names on the international modeling scene in the past couple of years, and was just marked by fashion magazine Elle as the next top model. He’s walking the runways of Donna Karen and Tom Brown in New York and other catwalks around the world and appearing in the TV ad for automotive giant Toyota and the international ad campaign for Diesel.

But what distinguishes Stav, who is photographed as a beautiful woman, is the fact that he is actually a man. Not a transgender, but just a 22 year old guy from Ramat Gan who was spotted at a mall in Italy a few years ago by a scout and was told he’d probably look better as a woman. “He said my bone structure was amazing and my physique would be perfect for modeling,” Stav told Closer magazine. “I was so excited.”

Strashko was signed to a modeling agency and the idea for him appearing as a female model came during his first shoot. “They told me I was going to be androgynous,” he says. “I wore an array of unisex outfits.”

The 5′ 11″ first ever Zionist androgynous model is no doubt one of the most successful androgynous models in the world in 2015. In all the modeling agencies representing him he’s registered in the women’s section, and for Stav it doesn’t really matter if you think he’s a woman, and he doesn’t seem to think that ‘feminine beauty’ for a dude is a questionable compliment.

“I feel at peace with my body,” Stav told Israel’s Channel 10 News about his gender. “I don’t think I need to add something above or remove something below, but if it changes in a few years, it’s possible that I’ll consider this. That is, if I start to feel certain deficiencies; but right now this is not the case. Right now I’m really happy with who I am, I don’t want to change anything and it’s totally possible to be in the middle.”

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