Stay at home and stay informed

Taking in consideration that we must stay home, I have found some interesting information, how you may fulfill your day. Here is a list:

1. Power of music, online live performance by Idan Raichel Project:

“The Jewish Agency for Israel has teamed up with renowned Israeli artist Idan Raichel to host a special online live performance from the musician’s living room this coming Sunday, March 22nd at 4 pm EST / 10pm Israel time. “
2.Knowledge is power! „Borrow“ an e-book

“The New York Public Library has an app that allows anyone with a library card (and an iOS or Android phone) to “borrow” any of the 300,000 e-books in the collection.”

3.If you love theatre, like a page „Yiddish theatre“ and get information when some plays are going to be performed online.

4. Sun, Mar 22, 6:00 PM; there is „Startups and entrepreneurs live pitch competition“

5.You may have a tour and visit some museums virtually, any time you want.

What we can do?

If you are designer, you make create and donate some masks.

If you are teacher, you may give some lessons for free, taking in consideration schools do not work.

If you are psychologist, you may give some advice about mental health.

Make workshops…

If you like movies, just share it with neighbours. How?
I have seen last night, that Italians did in Rome similar thing, projecting on the wall of building an old song.

Give a support…

Support Doctors who risk their lives, so we could be safe.

Support psychologists and scientists who are giving their best to give some scientific solutions in this hard time.

Support spiritual people, who remind on the power of prayer.

Support journalists who are very brave to let us be informed any time in this situation.

Support artists who are figuring out how to make your day creative.

Support those who are hospitalised, because they are real fighters.

Support soldiers and police who are helping that everything should be fine in this difficult time.

Support person next to you.

Support yourself, staying strong, disciplined, brave and creative. That is enough to be a hero.

Congratulations, just keep going! Let`s remain united and stronger than ever.

Stay at home, stay informed and be creative.

About the Author
Slavica Milosevic is an author from Montenegro. She loves to write and has had several books published. Slavica spent months in Israel to immerse herself and learn more about Israeli-Palestinian conflict. She studies Art History and Theory.
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