Gary Willig

Still Pursuing a Palestinian State at the Expense of Peace

Last year I wrote about how the Obama Administration and much of Europe is so focused on creating a Palestinian State that they are hurting the chances for peace. With the flood of European parliaments voting to recognize the “State” of Palestine, most recently the French Parliament, it has become increasingly clear that peace is a distant afterthought to those calling most loudly for a Palestinian State.

In the past year the supposedly moderate Abbas, who has become the West Bank’s Dictator-for-Life, walked away from negotiations and pursued a unified government with Hamas, the genocidal and anti-Semitic organization that is on the US and EU lists of terrorist organizations. Despite having a clear and logical formula in place that Hamas was supposed to have fulfilled before being granted any legitimacy, namely the Quartet Principles of renouncing violence, recognizing Israel, and abiding by all previous agreements signed between the PA and Israel, the international community dropped those requirements as fast as it could and welcomed the new form of ‘Palestinian unity.’

It was during this ‘unity agreement’ that Hamas kidnapped and murdered three Israeli teenagers and launched yet another war from Gaza against Israel’s civilians, again proving that Israeli withdrawals do not bring peace but more bloodshed to both sides.

More recently Abbas has been trying to ‘out-extremist’ Hamas, openly and personally inciting the Palestinians to violence against Israeli civilians. In the past Abbas may have merely let his state controlled media apparatus spew Nazi-like incitement and propaganda against Jews. This time he specifically called on Palestinians to stop a fictional ‘settler’ threat to the Al Aqsa Mosque ‘by any means necessary.’ And when the violence he himself incited led to the Temple Mount being temporarily closed to all, Muslim and Jew alike, he called it a ‘declaration of war.’

Despite the terrorism, despite the dead innocents, despite the blatant and murderous extremism Abbas and his Fatah movement have displayed, European Parliaments are desperate to award him with a state to rule. They want to give him a state on a silver platter, no strings attached, no need act like a responsible statesman.

And no need to stop killing innocent Jews.

Last year I said that ‘Peace is peace. A state is a state. They are not in any way synonymous.’ That is just as true today as it has ever been and will ever be. I said that this obsession with creating a Palestinian state at the expense of peace was well-intentioned but misguided. Given the recent bloodshed and Abbas’ role in that bloodshed it appears that I was too generous.

Those who voted, in Britain, in Sweden, in France, and in other parliaments, to recognize a Palestinian state without calling out Abbas or the PA, to say nothing of Hamas, for their words and actions do not care about the differences between the definitions of the words ‘peace’ and ‘state.’ They do not care about ‘peace’ at all, even though they may tell themselves that they do.

They do not care about peace because they do not care about dead Jews. And ‘No more dead Jews’ is a lot closer to the real definition of peace than any ‘state’ will ever be.

About the Author
Gary Willig is a researcher at the Center for Near East Policy Research and a student of communications at Bar Ilan University