Stones, Stabs and Silence

During the past couple of weeks Israelis have been shot, stabbed, and stoned by individuals and gangs of Arab savages intent on shedding as much Jewish blood as they can. Not satisfied, I suppose, with the unbridled violence orchestrated by the official terrorist organizations, these so-called “lone wolves” have taken to our streets and highways to unleash floodgates of violence not orchestrated by their leadership so as to renew the institution of a third intifada while meanwhile causing as much anguish and pain as they can upon the citizens of Israel.

I believe that this horrific campaign of theirs, to stab our people in the streets of our cities and destroy our ability and freedom to travel in safety on our roads, both within pre-1967 Israel and in the liberated territories, has met with a response that they did not count on. Other than cowering in our homes, we refuse to be forced into submission by these evil predators and their easily concealed knives.  Furthermore, our security forces have been stepping up the response to these felons by employing live ammunition in greater utility and even our lawfully armed citizens have taken to make use of the guns at their disposal

No, obtaining a pistol permit has never been a simple procedure here. One must be over 21 if a veteran of the Israel Defense Forces or 27 if never having served in uniform. Immigrants must be in the country for at least three years, demonstrate enough Hebrew to accomplish the required interview with the police and be certified as healthy enough to handle the weapon and be of sound mind. Interestingly enough, one must also be a resident of either Yehudah, Shomron or the Golan Heights or a designated area by the security services. Oh, yes, one other thing that I should mention, more women are getting weapons permits and the stores  in Tel Aviv, just the other day, sold out a three month supply of pepper spray canisters which one does not need a permit for.

The Henkin family, both parents, were ambushed on the road by a gang of Hamas gunmen, who stopped their vehicle with rocks and then approached the car and shot them dead while their four children, ages four months to nine years, sat in the back of the car watching in horror. Perhaps if Rabbi Henkin and his wife were suitably armed, they could have saved their lives. Perhaps if our government would treat terrorists as the murdering thugs they are and mete out the most lethal punishment available, other would be killers might take note and desist-but I doubt it.

These personal attacks on Jews in this land are not a new development. In the 1920s, 1930s and up until the rebirth of Jewish sovereignty, our people were constantly under Arab assault both in mass attacks on our communities and, especially, on our roads and in Jerusalem. It is an old Arab tactic to cowardly and with great savagery, assault the innocent civilian whomever that might be, man, women, child. These fiends delight in bloodshed and gore and they go so far as to call these misbegotten scum “heroes” and they even hand out candy and sweets to their own children to inculcate into them their mission in life-to kill Jews.

Oh, you need not take my word for it-just go to and view for yourself the “educational videos” from Hamas and the so-called Palestinian Authority, urging their pre-school urchins on how to behead small animals and how they must grow into death machines in suicide bomb vests. Watch how their mothers an fathers glory in their childrens’ desire for self-immolation if they can slaughter Jews at the same time. The 15 year old terrorist who was shot dead by the police as he attempted to stab another victim, was put on that path by European Union and American taxpayers’ hard earned money that their respective governments gave to the sponsors of Jewish death.

Of course, these heinous stabbings, stone throwings and shootings have not gotten any time in the national media of these states because it would lend itself to investigations and embarrassment by interested authorities. Or, maybe they have kept silent because they only see the dead terrorists as victims. Even the Sec’y-General of the United Nations saw fit to decry the “Palestinian” casualties yet somehow forgot to mention the foul murders of Jews and the crying of their orphaned babes.

As Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, so aptly put it to the assemblage of ambassadors and diplomats (well, except for the American ambassador and Sec’y of State who, on the orders of their incompetent president were conspicuously absent from the prime minister’s address) in the 45 seconds of thunderous silence demonstrating again, the world’s approval of dead Jews.

On a personal note, my wife and I had just gotten off the Jerusalem Light Rail station at Ammunition Hill about ten minutes before a yeshiva student was viciously stabbed multiple times in the chest and head by an Arab, across the street from the headquarters of the Israel Police. Fortunately, the victim of the knifing will survive as the Magen David Adom paramedics and ambulance arrived quickly. There is a video of the savage, handcuffed in a police van as he is taken away and he is seen to be smiling.

Why shouldn’t he be happy? He is still alive, he has stabbed a Jew, and he will go on trial, get convicted, then be imprisoned, paid $3000 US/month by the generosity of American and European taxpayers through their donations to the “Palestinian Authority,” get fed, housed, clothed and have all his medical needs taken care of by the self same Israel whose citizen he so ruthlessly plunged his knife into.

Two of my dear friends, this passt couple of weeks, showed me their new accessories that they carry in their purses-yes, purses. The handbag that they shlep from store to store, filled with tissues, lipstick, their pocketbook and whatever else a woman puts in their daily, everyday shoulder bag now has an added item-a Glock 9mm pistol and enough ammunition to keep them safe. I hope and pray that they use them in good health-hopefully the only place they will need them is on the local pistol range where they will have to qualify once a year in their proficiency.

However, if these lovely women in their middle age, see the need for carrying firearms, how can any one among us not do the same? Even the Deputy Minister of Defense and the Mayor of Jerusalem have publicly urged all Israelis who possess a legal, registered firearm, to carry it at all times and be ready to use it if necessary. This is not a call for vigilantism, on the contrary, it is a paean to be vigilant.

At times such as these, I remember the words of my ideological mentor, the late Vladimir “Zev” Jabotinsky, the spiritual founder of the Hebrew Underground organization of mandatory times, the Irgun Z’vai Le’umi (National Military Organization), who traveled across Poland in the 1930s, begging the Jews to make aliyah or arm themselves. His creed was “Jews, learn to shoot. It is better to not have to and know how than to have to and not know how.’

To my fellow Israeli Jews, get prepared, get aware, get a gun.

About the Author
Irwin was born in New York City and is now retired. He lives in Maaleh Adumim since making aliyah 7 years ago.