Howard Burns
Howard Burns

Stop and listen!

Being an Israeli should be a privilege not an curse but, just lately, this seems to be a really dubious privilege.

I have no intention of bemoaning what has been lost or has been failed to achieve, especially in the last 10 days and I’m not going to cry over the spilt milk and honey that has seeped through the cracks in our scorched and ‘Oh so holy’ soil.

I’m not writing this to wail or lay blame,

After the last 10 days of pandemonium I believe I have reached some kind of insight, possibly even enlightenment,  or maybe simply a better understanding, albeit tainted by an increasingly overwhelming and uncontrollable wave of desperation and frustration, that we have lost our way and we are once again wandering alone in the desert.

Right Now would be a good time to STOP – take a deep breath and remember the word


The more we listen the more we understand

توقف  . תפסיק  . متوقف کردن.  ተወ.   Dur.     やめる.    रुकें.  停止 .  halt.  Arrêtez.    detener  


The more we listen the more we respect.

The more we listen the more we will be respected.

Écouter.  Hör mal zu.  escucha.  听 .  बात सुनो.  聴く.  dinlemek.  استمع  .  להקשיב.  گوش بده


Perhaps we’ll realize that not only can we be heard but that others have something to say too.

Who knows…?

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Howard Burns is 65 years old and married with 2 grown up children and a granddaughter. He made Aliya at the age of 22 from England. Now - English teacher online and has been a personal coach and language trainer for executives, Government and Municipal officials and medical professionals in Israel and all over the world for more than 20 years. He also runs seminars in cultural diversity and provides training courses to international companies.
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