Michael Cohen

Stop Kvetching! Israel Is on the Moon People!!

It’s all about perspective and presentation. If those present in the command center had jumped for joy and started yelling ‘we are on the moon!! Israel is on the moon! Our flag is on the moon!’ the many thousands watching would have done the same, high fived, popped champagne and many would have cried. The detail that we did not land on our feet could have come a few seconds later rather than as devastation.

These amazing people from #SpaceIL made it to the moon! Who cares how?! There is always the ‘so next time it will be right side up’ attitude. #SpaceIL’s three founders, Yariv Bash, Kfir Damari and Yonatan Winetraub should be held up high on our collective shoulders. Their faces should adorn posters in every Jewish and pro-Israel classroom. They should be named heroes as household as Ilan Ramon, Tal Brody, Golda Meir and Yael Arad.

Understanding PR is sometimes as important to the success of an endeavor of this colossal magnitude. The achievement of the entire team – from the three brave and crazy souls that put everything they had into getting this started, to the visionary funders who put the cash behind it, to the unparalleled technicians and scientists who pulled it off, to the management people that took care of the external details and secured deals with NASA and other international space agencies all deserved their moment. We made it to the moon people!! The flag of Israel is on the moon! The Hebrew Bible of Israel is on the moon!!

(As should be obvious, none of this meant as any level of criticism against the amazing people who worked so hard to achieve the unbelievable – Dr. Ido Antabi, Yigal Harel, Professor Isaac Ben-Israel, the donors – led by Morris Kahn and the Adelsons,  the scientists and landing crew – they were understandably stunned and devastated as they came 200 seconds from perfection – sticking the landing if you will.)

Even the Google corporation recognized that the goal was achieved – the SpaceIL team landed on the moon – landed hard – but landed – and announced that they were awarding the $1m prize to the Israeli team.

When an athlete crosses the finish line on his/her knees despite writhing in pain from an injury – or sticks a landing on one foot on a third try – we applaud and cry and call them “a true athlete” and an upholder of the “true spirit of sports,” why should this case be any different?

My mom has lived to see our nation go from an attempt at total annihilation to a position where our scientists got a landing craft made in a Jewish state to the moon!!

So we did not land on our feet – so what? Stop groaning! Right side up, upside down, crash landing – who cares! We are on the moon people!!! Its time to start preparing #Beresheet2.0 and CELEBRATE #IsraeltotheMoon!!

About the Author
Michael ('not THAT one') Cohen is a "Zionist Educator to the Non-Jewish World." The 2008 recipient of Israel's "Reserve Shield" award presented by the nation's Minister of Defense and IDF Chief of Staff, Mike lectures about Israel, the Jewish people and the Bible throughout the world and is amazed and extremely proud of the achievements of #SpaceIL. WE ARE ON THE MOON PEOPLE!!