Jeremy Dery

Stop Terror

Stop all  terror, intimidation, and lies from the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.

The Jewish visitation to the Al Aqsa Mosque is no excuse to launch a wave of bloodshed and everyone has the right to worship and pray there.

Our IDF forces must crack down and impose severe punitive measures against the terrorists and their families.

People of Israel must remain strong and determined in order to show the world terrorism never wins.

The Israeli government must remain united in order to combat this new wave of violence.

Every part of Israel should experience peace and prosperity not violence and fear.

Radicalism is not the way for peace,only peaceful negotiations between both sides can help the Palestinians.

Rallies and support for Israel should be taken place all over by every pro Israel activists who love and wish to help Israel during their time of distress.

Our beautiful land belongs to the Jewish people and no forms of violence will force us off our land.

Rest assured — this new “intifada” will fail and Israel will always remain a beacon of light shining proudly with our blue and white flag bellowing in the sky.

About the Author
Jeremy has worked in the Knesset with the Likud minister Ayoob Kara. He has also promoted the Likud party during the recent elections. Jeremy has used social media tools in order to promote the Israeli agenda worldwide, particularly during various military operations in the past five years. Jeremy graduated from Tel Aviv University with a Masters degree in Conflict Resolution. He also assists various pro-Israel groups as a guest speaker discussing various issues relating to the peace process, the refugees, and how to be more active within Israeli political circles.