Strong Medicine

In what was clearly a parting shot at Israel and Netanyahu, and perhaps one the most cowardly back stabbing political acts in history, President Obama this week allowed the passage of a UN resolution giving the illusion of legitimacy to the idea that the Israeli “occupation” of Jerusalem and the West Bank and territories beyond the 1949 armistice lines are illegal. This from the body that during the same week said nothing about the massacre of innocent civilians in Aleppo, Syria. And whose outgoing chairman by his own admission stated that the UN spends a disproportionate amount of time passing resolutions focused solely on criticizing the Jewish State of Israel.

Not only is the legal argument incorrect according to nearly every expert on international law, contrary to whatever misguided purpose the resolution was intended, it does not pave the way towards a negotiation for peace, but actually provides a disincentive for the Arab refugees of the former Trans-Jordan and Egypt to do so. Already the leader of the PA Abbas is now saying ” if they will just give us what we want, we will recognize Israel’s right to exist”. As if giving back the Sinai and Gaza were met with any measure of reconciliation. Quite the contrary, Mr. Abbas not only has it backwards, but his assertions only serve to recall the promises of peace in exchange for “just a small piece of Poland” that led to World War II.

What the UN and much of the world does not yet understand or appreciate, is that the “settlements” in Israel are perhaps the most ingenious form of non-violent protest against bigotry and oppression since Martin Luther King Jr.’s marches and calls for peaceful civil disobedience. The hope continues to be, and has always been that with the continued pressure of settlement expansion, the Arab world would come to its senses and recognize that Israel is here to stay, and so terrorism, violence and international isolation and boycotts were fruitless endeavors that would only undermine the very ends they seek. While Palestinian Arab leadership literally called for the total destruction of the State of Israel, and educated their children in violence and hate, the “settlements” were Israel’s non-violent chant of “we shall overcome”.

Indeed, Israel has gone further than any other nation has ever done to protect the lives of war-time refugees and innocent civilians. Yet each time an olive branch was extended it has been met only with more violence, terrorism and hate. Has the world forgotten the catastrophe that followed Israel’s total withdrawal from Gaza? Was it met in kind with a softening of rhetoric? With a renewed commitment to peace? With a cultural shift in ideology and the education of young “Palestinian” children that it is acceptable, even laudable to live in harmony with Jews, rather than inciting them to stab and kill them? No!

And yet the misguided and na├»ve views of the left that continue to fail to distinguish between who is a victim and who is the oppressor simply on the basis of economic or sociological achievement leads them to blame Israel simply because it has succeeded against the odds. Israel is no longer the underdog, it would seem, and so they must be punished for succeeding while its enemies continue to call for its destruction. Do refugees created by the failures of the Arab world to destroy Israel “deserve”, or are they entitled to a break, a measure of humanitarian recognition for their plight? Of course! But it is at the hands of their own violent and hateful leadership that they failed in 1947, 1967, 1992, 2005 and 2014 to do so or achieve any measure of relief. It is not the UN nor the arrogance of Obama and Kerry that will pressure Israel to agree to a two state solution. From the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, to Arafat to Abbas, the Palestinian Arabs need to reject leadership that won’t take “yes” for an answer, reject terrorism and hate and reject the addiction to “victimoid” that poisons their brains and the hopes and innocence of their children. They need to build bridges, not tunnels.

It should be obvious that there is a profound difference between the peaceful civil disobedience on the world stage of building villages, and the willful terrorizing of a people simply because they exist and succeeded where you failed. But until the UN can learn the difference, it should be disbanded and de-funded by the US. And the miserable, cowardly likes of Obama and Kerry will thankfully slink off into the recesses of history, where the harshest judgment is reserved for those who fail to recognize the difference between opportunity and opportunism. And recorded for those who so eroded the goals of an entire political ideology as to become cancerous and toxic, that a nation reached desperately in voting for the only possible yet almost certainly noxious antidote.

Let’s just hope the medicine isn’t worse than the disease.

About the Author
Nigel Spier is a practicing OB/GYN in Hollywood, Florida who has served as Chief of the Department of OB/GYN at Memorial Regional Hospital, President of the Broward County Medical Association and on the board of his local chapter of ARMDI. He is active in many Jewish organizations and charities and is an eternal optimist and advocate for reform, peace and global prosperity.