Yesterday was bittersweet.

I was excited to see an old friend of mine who came to visit. But, when I went over to give him a hug, he told me that he just found out that one of the two soldiers killed in the North yesterday(January 28th), on Har Dov, was someone with whom he grew up. Instinctively I said how sorry I was to hear that and how horrible that is. My friend’s response – “it’s okay, it’s part of life”.

How sad and beyond messed (****ed) up is it that a friend from childhood dying while protecting our borders during a supposed time of peace is just part of everyday life. I don’t blame my friend for a second. I blame the heartless enemy. I blame the over-educated buffoons out there who sympathize with Hamas, Hezbollah, the Syrian terror groups and all the other terrorists and criminals those buffoons wrongfully dub freedom fighters. I also unfortunately have to blame our own. Our own people are not strong enough to stand up in the face of terror and protect our own. Our soldiers are dying to protect the same Israeli citizens who are dedicating their civilian lives to defending the enemy, and explaining the “plight of the other”.

These terrorists do not have human values. However, as someone close to me once said in response to hearing the terrorists referred to as animals, it is unfair to degrade animals by calling these terrorists animals. Animals do not have the tendency to kill in vain. Animals do not kill because of borders. Animals do not kill because of patriotism. Animals do not terrorize. Animals have purpose.

How sad is it that while the rest of the world is sympathizing with a group of terrorists whose morals are lower than that of the most base jungle animals, we, in Israel, are used to our friends dying on a regular Wednesday afternoon? How sad is it that the world can be full of people with countless degrees yet still be so naive?

In times like these, the thing we must do is look to each other. We must build together. We must express to the families of those killed that their loss is our loss. We must spread the mortar that is comprised of unity and strength on the walls of our country and show the outsiders that despite any attack, we will never acquiesce. If we are not strong for each other, we have no chance of survival, much less flourishing.

As stated above, the world is largely at blame for the continued attacks on our country and the minimal responses. The complete disregard of logic is appalling. The farce that has been made of international law, which was meant to protect victims, and instead has been used to prosecute the victims is unquestionably one of a kind and despicable. However, it also is time that we take responsibility for the internal fragmentation which has welcomed enemy fire. We must unite in the face of sub-animal terrorism. The time has come for us to say “ENOUGH”. If countries can shoot rockets and mortars at our people with nearly no consequences, what is left to lose?

May the souls of those killed rest in peace and may those wounded have a speedy and full recovery.

About the Author
Chaim Seligman is a Law student at Bar-Ilan University, President of the BIU Model UN Society and works in the University’s External Relations Department; Originally from Florida, Chaim now lives in the Merkaz and enjoys life as a student in the Jewish Homeland; Chaim’s true passions are Israel and the Jewish Nation’s eternal success.