Flora Rosefsky
Flora Rosefsky

Sukkah Reflection

On the way home from a medical appointment at Piedmont this past Wednesday, with the sun shining, and knowing it was the last day of Sukkot, instead of driving straight home, I drove down Collier Road to Northside Drive to find my AA synagogue. I still hadn’t fulfilled the mitzvah or commandment to “dwell in a sukkah” and thought it was a perfect time to do just that. The very large Sukkah that morning was empty, yet the Skahch or straw mats for its roof let just enough blue sky in to feel the presence of the Almighty. I felt grateful for what was a good doctor’s report after some anxious waiting. The synagogue’s security guard thoughtfully brought over a folding chair. As I sat there, I spent several moments looking up, reflecting about all the blessings I have with my family.  There were no sounds of the 24/7 world news on my TV– no hum of a computer or beeping of phone text messages, which I had turned off. I said the Sheheheyanu – a favorite prayer to be thankful to live in the moment – especially when doing something new. I never took off my mask – even though I could have- since I was alone, and was sitting outdoors. Maybe subconsciously, I kept it on as a reminder of the kind of year this has been – with hopes that next Sukkot, I will return again to the AA or another Sukkah – without a mask, and not to be sitting by myself, but instead to be with family and friends.

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Known for her collage and mixed media work, and also as a contributing AJT writer, Flora Rosefsky is a teaching artist who can lead Zoom art workshops for cultural centers, museums, synagogues, schools, libraries and individuals of all ages.
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