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Support the Never Again Education Act!

Earlier this year, we learned that the memory of the Holocaust & the Six Million Jews who perished is quickly fading among the next generation of Americans.  In February of this year, the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany conducted a survey in which they interviewed 1,350 American ages 18-34 & the results are scary.

Of the many questions asked, the survey asked for the respondent to identify Auschwitz. Sadly, 66% replied they have never heard of Auschwitz & a majority have a very altered view of the Holocaust. The reason for this comes down to one factor: lack of education. Only 7  U.S. States have Holocaust Education as part of their curriculum. Imagine that – students in Maine, Michigan, Montana, Tennessee & 40 other states will not learn about the Holocaust.

Another statistic from the survey shows that 93% believe the Holocaust should be taught in school. This brings me to the purpose of this post.

For the first time ever since the Holocaust occurred & some 7 decades later, the U.S House of Representatives is trying to pass a bill that will provide federal funding through the Department of Education for Holocaust Education. The bill, HR 5460 “The Never Again Education Act” was introduced on April 10, 2018 & has garnered strong support from Democrats & Republicans.

As of today, there are 36 cosponsors, 18 Democrats &18 Republicans. In my home state of Pennsylvania, the following Congressmen have signed onto the bill; Rep. Lou Barletta, Rep. Brendan Boyle, Rep. Brian Fiztpatrick, Rep. Lloyd Smucker & Rep. Glenn “GT” Thompson. 4 Republicans, 1 Democrat.

I have supported this bill as a private citizen since the very first day it was introduced. As a Representative in the House, I pledge that I will sign onto this bill & I will demand that every Representative in Pennsylvania does the same. As the grandson of a Holocaust survivor,  I will not stand on the sidelines while the memory of Six Million Jews fades into the distant past.

Why hasn’t my opponent, Rep. Dwight Evans signed onto this bill?  If you think he should sign onto the bill, please contact his office at (202) 225-4001 or via email. For someone that says they care about the Jewish Community & as a member of the Jewish Community, I find it highly appalling that he hasn’t signed onto this bill.

In closing, I believe it’s the responsibility of our elected officials to use their seat(s) in Congress to help improve society. The Never Again Education Act does exactly that – it helps society by using federal resources to help teach the next generation about the horrors of the Holocaust. By teaching the past, we will reduce antisemitism & reduce the odds that history will repeat itself.

If we don’t place a high value on educating the next generation about the Holocaust then we run a high risk of the history repeating itself. That’s something I can’t & won’t live with. Please join me, speak up & call your Representative in Congress & demand they support HR 5460.

Never Again.

About the Author
Bryan E. Leib is a Philadelphia native, he is a Jewish Voices for Trump Coalition Member and a former U.S. Congressional Candidate in 2018 for PA-03.  He is the Chairman of HaShevet and he has served on the boards of the National Museum of American Jewish History, United Way, Jewish National Fund, Jewish Business Network and the Camden Youth Soccer Club. He tweets at @Bryan_E_Leib 
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