Esther Cameron

Swastika Skies

I received this poem from Evelyn Haies, and in my opinion it says it all.


I look south and do not see Jerusalem blue.
The sky has a polluted Gaza hue.
Poisoned by exploding swastika kites.
Stupid world Hamas’s wrongs are not rights.
Stupid peoples; stupid world
Remember when the Jews returned their blessed past was unfurled.
Kah Ribon, the Shabbos song, a praise of Torah
Written by Yisrael ben Moshe Najara,
Chief Rabbi of 99% Jewish Gaza about 1600
And after 67 when the Bedouins wondered
And the desert became a fertile land
Agriculture worth a hundred million grand
Where Arabs worked for their Jewish neighbours
Together for God’s giving earth, saviors.
And then there was a peace plan that expelled, boycotted, divested the Jews
Expulsion and a No Jews apartheid lit the fuse:
Rockets, war, swastika kites, exploding balloons,
Anti-Israel tunes and Gan Eden in ruins.
Worse Jerusalem skies
Are polluted by lies.
Worse the southern horizon forebodes illness.
As the world excuses deadly destruction as mischievousness. These kites and balloons are surely not Innocent toys;
They go twenty miles past the border by just wind, or by what the devil employs
Beehives set ablaze with the orange fruit trees.
What disease is spreading by the Hamas jihadese.
Hundreds of turkeys choked to death because of the terrorists’ fumes
What illnesses for children looms?
How does this perverting uncondemned catastrophe
affect the food supply?
Why is the world and BDS letting plants, animals and people die?
Even after the Arabs who worked for the Jews in Gush Katif –
Architects, builders, producers, friends , newsmen suffered murder by jihad, not relief
Apologetic Israel excuses evil
And accepts upheaval.
Shame , acquiescence is to blame.
Shame!!! Hate-filled evil is not contained.

About the Author
Esther Cameron is a poet, literary scholar (Western Art and Jewish Presence in the Work of Paul Celan, Lexington Books, 2014), and editor of The Deronda Review. She lives in Maale Adumim.
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