Sweden rolls out red carpet for terrorist chieftain

Here in Israel, people are sitting back in amusement and wondering just how far it is possible to yank the chain of the current Swedish government.

Sweden’s new left-wing government is made up of Islamists, clairvoyants, serial abusers of environmental protection laws (this is the Environment Minister, no less!) and at least one former illegal immigrant (who is currently Minister for Public Administration and as such responsible for the Police – the very body he spent years evading…).

The Swedish government’s very first action upon assuming power was to recognise “the democratic state of Palestine”. That would be the democratic state of Palestine whose President, Mahmud Abbas, is currently in the 10th year of his 4-year mandate…

President Mahmud Abbas cannot visit half his “democratic country” – Gaza – because if he were to set foot in the Gaza Strip he would be assassinated by the other half of his “democratic government”. Which is made up of Hamas, an Islamist jihadi movement that even Sweden admits is a terrorist organisation. Hamas makes a habit of indiscriminately firing rockets at random civilian targets in Israel, from within civilian population centres in Gaza. In a clear breach of the human rights of both Israel’s civilian victims and Gaza’s civilian human shields.

After Sweden recognised this “democratic state” and its (still unelected) President, Israel protested by recalling its ambassador Isaac Bachman for consultations.

The Swedish government has now responded by rolling out the red carpet for “President” Mahmud Abbas, whose sole contribution to academia and diplomacy thus far has been a thesis written in Moscow claiming that the Holocaust never took place. Think about the sheer irony of it all: Sweden, whose renowned diplomat Raoul Wallenberg rescued untold civilians during World War Two and who was killed by Russia for doing so, is now playing host to a man whose Holocaust-denying thesis was researched and written in Russia.

It gets better.

Sweden has matched the President of democratic Palestine’s royal welcome – reportedly the most lavish and expensive reception ever given to a visiting head of state in Sweden’s history – with an unprecedented additional 1.5 billion Swedish kronor. A massive financial gift given without any demands for reciprocity in the form of a stop to terror, incitement, racism or indoctrination, let alone steps toward peace. By way of perspective, it can be mentioned that since 1994, the EU has given more than 50 billion kronor to the Palestinians, without any of the above demands being made.

Here in Israel, people are wondering just how much public money – tax revenues earned by hard-working Swedes – the current Swedish government is willing to squander in what can only be described as a pissing contest between Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström and Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman. The two do not get along, but while Wallström hobnobs with terrorists, Liberman is sitting back and trying to analyse what it takes for the Swedish public to make its voice heard.

Because as Swedish FM Wallström spends freely from her nation’s coffers to support the anti-democratic and corrupt regime of arch-terrorist Mahmud Abbas (the money-man behind the Palestinian’s slaughter of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics) and his Islamist government coalition partners Hamas, it has to be remembered where this money is coming from:

Wallström is spending the meagre funds left over after Sweden pays vast amounts from its state coffers for the immigration of about 100,000 Muslims a year (but abysmally fails in their integration). Those state coffers had been filled over the past five decades by today’s Swedish pensioners, people who have worked all their lives and now look forward to retirement with a decent pension.

That pension is fast evaporating. Pensioners’ funds are quite simply needed to pay for the immigration of 100,000 Muslims a year. With these fast-changing demographics, the Swedish government has realised it is vital to exploit the electoral potential of this vast body of voters – and there is no simpler or quicker way to buy votes than to antagonise Jews. Swedish Jews living in Malmö or Stockholm, Israeli Jews living in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. It makes no difference. The tactic is as transparent as it is morally corrupt.

But it works, and that is all that matters.

Sweden, in 2015, is in the remarkable position of experiencing mass poverty among the nation’s pensioners – the people who spent half a century contributing their tax earnings to the national revenue. Pensioners are dying in hospital corridors because there isn’t enough money to fund their treatment in hospital wards.

But there is apparently enough money to bring in a hundred thousand Muslim immigrants into Sweden every single year, fail to integrate them, and then buy their votes with a sound dose of Israel-bashing.

All with funding from the nation’s pensioners.

Foreign Minister Margot Wallström may win this particular pissing contest against Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman, but the fact is that he is the one sitting down in a comfortable armchair watching her antics, while Wallström, shoulder to shoulder with Abbas and Haniyeh, has to stand and deliver.

Pun intended.

About the Author
Served as deputy chair of the West Sweden branch of the Sweden-Israel Friendship Association. Written three political thrillers about Sweden-Israel-Gaza in The Hart Trilogy: "Bridges Going Nowhere" (2014), "The Threat Beneath" (2015) and "From the Shadows" (2016), where the action switches seamlessly between Samaria, Gaza, Israel, Sweden and Iran. Work has started on a fourth book, "Picture Imperfect".