Robyn Spizman
Robyn Spizman
New York Times Bestselling Author & Media Personality

Sweetening The New Year – The Secret To A Good Day

As the Jewish New Year approaches, I’ve often contemplated what makes a good day great.  After all, the days add up to years and ultimately the years define our lives.  I learned what goodness truly means from my generous, community-minded parents of blessed memory.  My beloved father Jack Freedman was a mensch. So was my mom Phyllis. When I asked my dad, “Why are you so good?”  He instantly replied, “I don’t know how to be bad.”

As the holidays approach, sweetening our lives and the lives of others is key.  It can be done by creating meaningful, minute-made moments for ourselves and those around us.  A year is built one day at a time.  Imagine making each day a good, positive, momentous one.  It takes effort and an awareness.  Good days don’t just happen.  They are crafted by our words and an awareness of how we inspire and impact each other.

Even when it’s a bad day, or a really rough year, it’s about keeping the faith and asking for help.  It’s about offering help to someone else who is suffering.  To become the light even when it is dark.  To remember the sweetness of the new year and spread only kindness to others.

Happy New Year!

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