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Swiss UNRWA chief Philippa Lazzarini wages war against Israel

UNRWA chief Philippa Lazzarini said Israel is waging a campaign to ‘destroy’ the Palestinian refugee aid agency (Times of Israel 2/17/2024).

“It is a long-term goal because it is believed that if the aid agency is abolished, the status of the Palestinian refugees will be resolved once and for all and with it , the right of return.”

It has been alarming to experience the upsurge in antisemitism that has resulted from the current war. Israel has no choice other than to destroy HAMAS. Even though we may have to live with the political and social fallout from this war for the next generation and even though it endangers our safety in the diaspora.

Hamas, like al Qaeda, like Islamic state and a myriad other Islamic militant extremist sects throughout the world may not be absolutely destroyed but until they can be defanged, they will continue to be a threat to everyone who is not like them, including other Muslims.

Islam, for the 1,400 years of its existence as a religious faith, has had its violent radical leaders with its army of acolytes all too ready to follow them. That is not the crime. Its demands for superior rights “or else,” that is the crime.

So, thank you, Mr Lazzarini. You confirmed what we already suspected. That the United Nations Organisation is no more than a money-making enterprise, sucking the life out of international peace -making; keeping nations at each other’s throats while retaining tens of thousands of UN diplomats and employees, dishonestly employed with extremely lucrative pay and benefits packages while failing to prevent a single skirmish, a solitary battle, a lone war from erupting during the entirety of its 79-year existence.

After Lazzarini’s little speech we should have immediately commenced a campaign not just to shut down UNRWA but also the UN.

Let us examine the Palestinian refugee issue that Mr L is so desperate to keep active.

The definition of what is a Palestinian refugee was defined in 1952 as anyone who lived in Israel between 1 June 1946 to 15 May 1948 (unless of course they are Jewish). A 92-year-old Martian male could live 90 years on Mars, and the final two years in Israel, he and all his descendants would become magically a) Indigenous and b) Palestinian. That’s right. On some distant planet, 1,000 years from now, a descendant of that Martian could have sex with an alien and their offspring would acquire eternal Palestinian privilege.

Outlandish example, even ridiculous? Well no. Male hierarchies have used rape as a means of conquest and as a means of expressing power and domination for millennia. By implanting their seed in an unwilling victim, they pass on their ‘superior’ civilisation but also destroy the society of their victim. Rape, torture and mass slaughter are tools of degradation, debasement, and humiliation used by Islamists for expressing their faiths superiority and of denying the humanity of their prey.

Thirteen million Germans were expelled from Eastern Europe at the close of World War Two. One and a half million returning ethnic Germans died in that forced transfer. The survivors did not receive special status. Nor did one million Jews expelled from Muslim lands for no reason other than that they were Jews (an unknown number were murdered). Ten to twelve million Indians became refugees during the Partition of India and Pakistan (known as the “War of Rapes”)  and later in 1971 when Pakistan fought against Bangladeshi independence in East Pakistan, West Pakistan and their allies forced another ten million people from East Pakistan into India (and committed mass rape against Bangladeshi women).  That last war was the first war the UN labelled as a genocide.

But the Palestinians are almost unique. Even when an exchange of populations took place. Israel absorbed its refugees. The Arab-Muslim world did not and to this day an apartheid system exists in the Muslim world that keeps the Palestinian refugees both second class and temporary residents in nations that have seen children, grand-children and great grandchildren born into these unjust (Arab) societies.

The United Nations does not penalise these Arab nations. It encourages them. UNRWA employs tens of thousands of Palestinians in all areas of normal life.  They are taught through extensive and well documented literature to hate Jews and to expect that one day they will return to Israel.  Whether any Jews survive this occurrence is unimportant to the United Nations.  The literature of incitement makes that very clear.

October 7 was fully understandable under these circumstances. The HAMAS leadership is transparent in their desire for hundreds more 10/7 massacres. They have stated so. The Palestinian nation is reminiscent of medieval Crusader society. It infantilizes their followers to make them compliant. Its’ people are denied the responsibility for their own development while their aggressive assertion of victimhood is a conquest strategy that demands  global action, ridding them of any moral or ethical accountability.

Hundreds of millions of refugees have had to live with a status that binds them to the nation that embraces them.  The singular demand is that refugees integrate into their host society – something that Islamist nations reject.

Refugee status is a one-off. But not for the Palestinians.  They are privileged.

They have money thrown at them, even when their leaders steal a significant part of it. In the Western world they can have both a Western passport and Palestinian victimhood that never fades. As a system it can only ever have one justification. An eternal war against ‘the Jews’ paid for by Western nations. There is no other logic to it.  That is why anti-Zionism is antisemitism.

But after 10/7 no-one could expect a single Palestinian refugee to merit ‘the right of return.’   On 10/7 three thousand terrorists committed wide-spread atrocities: torture, mass rape and mass-murder.   And they took two hundred and fifty-three hostages into Gaza. They murdered Jews but also Muslims.  Contemplating what 5.9 million Palestinians or even a small fraction of that number would do, given the opportunity, can only ever be the stuff of dystopian nightmares.

And yes, it is a reasonable speculation because the UN has encouraged hatred and validated a  Muslim religious right of conquest.

Jordan was falsely created by Britain. The British Mandate for Palestine gave 82% of Mandatory Palestine to a Saudi (Arab) tribe indigenous to Saudi Arabia. The Hussein family were the Sharifs of Mecca until Britian gave them the kingships of Egypt, Iraq, and Trans-Jordan.   Jordan is an artificial entity awarded to a Saudi tribal leader who dreamed of conquest and empire.  It was a betrayal of the Balfour Declaration as well as Britain’s responsibility towards all the people living in the area: Jews, Christians, Muslims, and Druze.

Jordan is a damaging part of Britain’s’ toxic colonial legacy. The Palestinians insist on a second independent nation state in Judea, Samaria (the ‘West Bank’ of the Jordan River), Jerusalem (all of it) and Gaza even though Jordan is demographically over eighty percent Palestinian. By maintaining the right of Palestinians to at least two states in addition to politically, diplomatically, and financially supporting the right of Palestinian “return” to within Israel’s borders it is clear that the UN supports a genocidal Palestinian narrative over Israel’s right to exist within stable, defensible borders.

Even then, the Muslim world dispossesses the Palestinians. They suffer contempt, legal restrictions, ghettoization, and apartheid. Only in the Arab world.  Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, The United Nations Human Rights Council and selective Human Rights activists everywhere will never complain, nor will you ever read a report by them that blames the Muslim world for this intergenerational catastrophe.  The United Nations and the Selective Global Human Rights community are complicit in encouraging an Islamic apartheid system.

And the war against Jewish independence rolls on.

The flame of resistance to Jewish self-determination in our ancestral homeland is kept roaring as loudly and as brightly as possible. Free and limitless immigration into Western nations combined with Western post-colonial guilt has enabled people who are fundamentally opposed to the positive values (whatever they may be) of Western civilisation to be, if not boisterously welcomed then at least provided for in every conceivable way without any question of the value we receive in return.

Hundreds of thousands of pro-Palestinian protestors on the streets of Europe and North America waving anti-Jewish placards and calling for mass murder does not represent democracy but it’s devastating failure. The sky-rocketing surge in antisemitic incidents, if condemned, is always accompanied by the de-rigour condemnation of Islamophobia – even when those hate-crimes, as often as not, are caused by Muslims.

In America, Jews represent two percent of the total US population but sixty percent of all hate crimes. Other Western countries do not publish statistics. This wave of prejudice should be a source of deep and enduring national shame to every nation because it means that post-World War 2, Europeans, and Americans have learned nothing.

Fascism is the agenda-driven laundering of one groups crimes against another. We must question where our society is headed?  Selective tolerance and violence justified are not attributes of free speech but of resurgent fascism within society.  Being politically correct, this woke disease of contemporary society is killing Western institutions on its path towards snuffing out democracy.

If 10/7 taught the world anything, it should have been that at this time it is suicidal for Israel to consider making peace with the Palestinians.  At this time (in their history) they are not able to accept Jewish equality in any land that they believe to be part of their religious inheritance (just as Christians, Hindus and Buddhists are a persecuted and dwindling minority throughout most of the Muslim world).

The Lazzarinis of this world are evil but at least now they have spelled it out for us. If three thousand Hamas fighters can murder one thousand two hundred Israelis of all faiths with the support of the United Nations and continue to champion the Palestinian Right of Return, then it means they champion the genocide of all Israelis.  Seventy-nine years after the International Committee of the Red Cross said that the Jews ‘had it good’  in the Concentration Camps we do not seem to have learned the lesson. We turn the other cheek.

I was once asked to “simply” explain the Israel-Arab conflict. My reply was: Imagine a world where the bullies’ (Palestinians and their Arab neighbours) control everything and often beat the weaklings (Jews). One day the weaklings fight back. The bullies attack with force but again they are repelled. They cannot forgive the weakling for fighting back. They cannot internalise a narrative of equality. They try repeatedly to hurt their neighbour (again, people of Jewish faith, usually indigenous to the area). Eventually they negotiate a truce which they are incapable of honouring because their history tells them equality is “not for them.” Their past informs their present and their belief system provides reinforcement. Is there a way out?

Not if the United Nations continues to exist.  It isn’t just UNRWA.  The UN is an organization with 193 separate countries each of which has its own prejudiced agenda.   The UN represents eight billion people, few of them like each other.  Every one of them desires one thing – to gain advantage over their neighbours.  It is why the only thing the UN can agree upon, is its obsessive focus on the State of Israel. It allows an organization that spends almost $60 billion per year (48 billion pounds or 56 billion euros) to achieve very little in the world.

By their behaviour the Palestinians and their supporters appear to believe that hate is an unassailable right of religious identity, that rape is a right of conquest, that kidnapping is a right of warfare, and that murder is a right of power.

The war between Israeli and Palestinian must be recognised for what is has always been, a religious war waged by a missionary  and therefore a colonialist, conquest faith against a Jewish, de-colonizing minority.  No wonder the Muslim world and their Western supporters hates us. We are the hope for minorities everywhere. We complicate the world order with its neatly defined, dualistic, idiotic world view of good and bad that has protected so many developing nations from criticism for far too long.  And their supporters in the West are undermining society from within because anything that does not fit in with their superficial knowledge they dismiss, if necessary, with violence.

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