Sofia Klein
Sofia Klein
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Synamedia Invests In Israeli Social-Tech

CEO of Synamedia, Paul Segre comes to visit Hilma - Tech for Impact

Founded in 1988, Synamedia has been a driving force within the world of informative entertainment. As the largest global provider of video solutions, Synamedia aims to transform business marketing content into a unique and immersive experience for all its viewers. Having worked with numerous well-known clients across the globe, Synamedia places a strong emphasis on creating “infinite entertainment” for everyone. Corresponding with their belief that visual media can become “infinite,” Synamedia saw immense potential in Hilma – Tech for Impact. In cooperation with their corporate social responsibility ( CSR ), the Israel branch of Synamedia has graciously offered to host Hilma in its corporate facility.

On Tuesday, July 13th, Synamedia’s newly elected CEO, Paul Segre came to visit Hilma – Tech for Impact. With the objective of reviewing Hilma’s current projects, productivity, and overall success rate, the office environment was overflowing with anticipation and intrigue to meet the “notorious” Mr. Segre. Formerly the long reigning CEO of Genesys – a company that improves business-customer relations through digital marketing and AI technology – Serge scaled Genesys to become one of the ten largest privately held software companies in the world. In addition, he has overseen the acquisition of 16 businesses and served as President of the Applications Group for the Executive Committee of Alcatel-Lucent. Considering Segre’s impressively extensive and experienced resume, it’s no wonder why tensions were high among Hilma staff and volunteers. 

Upon Paul Segre’s arrival, excitement flooded the office as a select group of Hilma staff, including myself, were asked to present a handful of diverse and currently active projects. Per usual, all Hilma solutions are geared towards helping underserved communities in Israel, therefore prompting us to place a huge emphasis on social change in the fields of health, welfare, and education during our presentations. Our presentation included the Hilma solutions of: Albi, Keydo, and Measure Kid.

As marketing and developing interns at Hilma, my peers and I were captivated by the presence of such a successful entrepreneur. Considering most volunteers range between the ages of 19 to 23, we all have yet to gain comprehensive high-tech experience outside of Hilma. Thus, meeting, being heard, and seemingly impressing someone of such high caliber was nothing short of reassuring. In fact, Segre’s visit extended beyond his simple intention to review Hilma’s work environment. Being acknowledged by a “somebody” gave deeper meaning and responsibility to the average work day. 

Hilma – Tech for Impact is beyond excited to collaborate with Paul Segre and his Synamedia team moving forward. We truly look forward to developing more innovative technological and social solutions with the support of a global enterprise.

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Sofia Klein has always felt a strong pull towards Israeli culture and community. Having grown up in West Bloomfield, Michigan, her Jewish background compelled her to venture to Israel in an attempt to fulfill her life-long plans of further understanding her Jewish roots. With an additional love for business and all things art related, advertising and marketing proved to be her ideal career. Meshed with her Jewish identity, Sofia put her professional interests to the test by applying for various jobs within Israel. After securing an internship at Hilma - Social Tech for Impact, Sofia was deeply inspired by the seemingly endless array of opportunities her new, high-tech family not only offered her, but the entire country of Israel. Now a proud, yet temporary member of the Hilma team, Sofia’s blog aims to expand Hilma's impact and education through various media platforms. (Sofia Klein is a rising Junior at Kalamazoo College. She is currently pursuing a major in Business with a creative focus. Sofia also has a concentration in Judaic Studies and one day hopes to make Aliyah) About Hilma: Backed by nearly 80 individuals, ranging between the ages of 18 and 23, Hilma aims to develop and craft innovative applications and solutions in the areas of welfare, education and health for disadvantaged populations and social organizations. Hilma’s solutions not only tackle social issues, but also have a measurable business model with economic feasibility.
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