Table Talk

Today, we read Parsha Tazria.

It’s about childbirth (somewhat) and loshen hora (mostly).

How odd that during the week the entertainment world was convulsed with actor, Will Smith slapping comic, Chris Rock at the Oscars, ostensibly about an alopecia joke about Smith’s wife, the parsha talks, among other things, about scalp baldness resulting from “forbidden speech”.

But that’s the Olde Torah.

Sort of like a treasure map.

Despite Smith’s assault, the audience gave Smith a standing ovation when he won “Best Actor” a few minutes later.

He then gave a speech calling himself “a river to his people” (what people? actors?).

A few days later internet sleuths posted a video of Anthony Quinn in “Lawrence of Arabia” (1962) sporting a prosthetic Semitic nose, heavy brown make-up, black keffiyeh, black robes and portraying an Arab guerrilla, proclaim that he was “a river to my people!”

So, is Will Smith, worth an estimated $350 million, born and raised in Philadelphia, living in Los Angeles pretending to be  the leader of a nomadic army?

Jada Pinkett Smith, his wife, whose honor he claimed to have been protecting, hosts a “Red Table Talk” cable show in which she discusses intimate family matters including her affair and most shockingly, a story about her grandmother’s telling her at age nine about “self-pleasure” (in what world is that not child abuse?) as her own mother and teenage daughter sit beside her.

As if the week weren’t strange enough, a leaked video appeared that revealed Walt Disney executives chuckling about inserting transsexual characters into their juvenile programming. Disney’s CEO also attacked the state of Florida new law prohibiting the teaching of sexual material to kindergarten to third graders.

American parents, who previously (and perhaps unwisely) had turned their children over to Disney at young ages are beginning to wake up. At the same time, to the entertainment world’s chagrin many on the Left are criticizing Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith and Hollywood itself.

A plague on all their houses!

Or tzara’at!

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