Take a stand against Antisemitism

“Dictatorships, wars, and cruelty drive whole countries to madness. My theory is that the human species was crazy from the very first and that civilization and culture are only enhancing man’s insanity.
― Isaac Bashevis Singer

The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA) working definition of antisemitism is rejected by The Canadian Federation of Students (CFS).
In addition, the following definition is to leaders and politicians around the globe in order to combat and identify Antisemitism.

In my opinion, there should me more definitions for students, furthermore, they would have chance to understand that hate brings up hell and victims. Nothing good may come from lies and propaganda which is done in order to demonize Jewish people.

Definition known as Combating Antisemitism Act according to 530,000 students from across Canada, the CFS violets freedom of speech.

In the other words, if we talk against evil it is violets freedom of speech? Nonsense.

Moreover on March 4th, Janusz Korwin -Mikkes, a far right lawmaker in Poland clarified:
“As a result of pogroms, the strongest and the most gifted survived. This is a warning to anti-Semites: That is why Jews are powerful, because they had pogroms. There are even theories that rabbis deliberately provoke pogroms precisely so that Jews survive and then there is natural selection.”

Notably, this is an example of a classic propaganda.

It is important to realize that:

Jews are strong because they have learnt how to survive next to those who are blinded and encourage Antisemitism. Likewise, Jews have power not to give up because they celebrate life,moreover, they know how does it feel when someone discriminates right of living cause of primitive propaganda.

When it is about “theories that rabbis deliberately provoked pogroms”, the one who said it should be ashamed. Hence, because of clarifications like this Chrystal Night happened. Propaganda which promotes hate like this made Holocaust happen. Furthermore, please be aware of the power of words, some uniformed people may be influenced by devastating propaganda, moreover they may start to believe in it.
Hatred clarifications encourage some students who have bright future, to push it into the dust because they prefer hate over love, discrimination over right to live.

I have to mention I wrote about carnivals in Belgium and Spain in my previous blog.
I am disappointed and sad that some people do not learn anything from history, maybe for them history is a myth. I will ask them again: “What if that has every happen to you family? What would you do?” I am sure that you will not show “honor” and “respect” throughout carnivals.

However, I believe in the power of being united, I believe in power of freedom of speech, I believe that we should not be silent to and take a stand against any kind of discrimination and hatred. In order to be human we should respect and remember the past and look forward for peaceful future. You should take a stand whenever you can to be a testimony of past and visionary of future. Hate makes man blind and future gives you hope to move on stronger.

“The Jewish people have been in exile for 2,000 years; they have lived in hundreds of countries, spoken hundreds of languages and still they kept their old language, Hebrew. They kept their Aramaic, later their Yiddish; they kept their books; they kept their faith.”
― Issac Bashevis Singer

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Slavica Milosevic is an author from Montenegro. She loves to write and has had several books published. Slavica spent months in Israel to immerse herself and learn more about Israeli-Palestinian conflict. She studies Art History and Theory.
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