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Tales Told By Idiots, Full of Sound and Fury…

שלום חברים

שָׁבוּעַ טוֹב‎
for just jumping into things like this but circumstances appear to dictate that this initial blogpost do just that: jump in with complete faith in השם perhaps like נַחְשׁוֹן at קריעת ים סוף and let the chips fall where they may.
We live in an age of authentication and credentials and specialization, I’m well aware, so the least I can do is provide some semblance of credentials in exchange for my sincere wishes that those of you who choose to devote a portion of your attention and bandwidth to reading this (and/or perhaps future entries) have some reason to believe you aren’t totally wasting your valuable and limited time. Hence, here is a list of nation-states in which I’ve set foot in my nearly six decades on this rock:
West Germany
East Germany
Germany (re-unified)
Czech Republic
Soon, B”H the Emirates will be added to the list, as well as certain locations I’m not at liberty to disclose at the moment. Yes, I’m well aware that having set foot in less than two dozen nations isn’t anything spectacular in the modern world. You’ll learn more if you follow along, that much I can promise.
Much more importantly for establishing credentials on this entry, I studied political science at the University of Michigan and among my most influential teachers was Professor Raymond Tanter, who passed from this rock just a few months ago. From him I learned, in the 80s, before my ambitions of becoming a “Kremlinologist” had become obviated, about the entire history of Mutually Assured Destruction as a deterrent during the Cold War, as well as what “escalation dominance” is and how it is used, misused, and abused by nation-states in the modern world. That’s what the focus of the remainder of this initial entry shall be, from the perspective of a Polish-born, US naturalized citizen and American Jew who has been engaged in the process of attempting to make Aliyah since Pesach.
Much of the world, such as nation-states Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, et. al. are still sleeping as to the devastation Israel has no choice but to inflict upon the territory known as “The Gaza Strip,” formerly known as Philistia.
They aren’t the issue.
Russia, Victoria Nuland and the Kagan brothers who manufactured this phony war in Ukraine, and others of their ilk are more the issue; because WWIII is still not off the table.
Israel will continue to legitimately exist as a nation-state and provide for the security of its citizens by pursuing Deif and all other Hamasniks in ‘aza as necessary and Haniyeh, Sinwar, et. al. outside ‘aza, also as necessary. As this unfolds nation-states and their representatives unprepared to deal with the reality that Israel is not a nation of ghetto Jews, has only begun to unleash גֵּיא הִנֹּם on the perpetrators of the Massacre of 7th October, and will continue to pursue its legitimate interests in the Strip after it has been completely de-Hamasified, will be in disbelief. They are unprepared for the lengths Israel is prepared to travel in order to pursue not only security, but also justice, and ultimately peace, in this world.
So be of good cheer. There will be, in coming weeks and months, epic volumes of utter horse droppings emanating from various capitals of nation-states around the world. Do not allow it to trouble you. These are tales told by idiots, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.
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Born: Łódź, Poland. Active in US politics and public policy since 1982. Active in Bitcoin over a decade.
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