Tamika Mallory Is Right

What can I say? I gotta give credit where it’s due.

I’ve criticized Tamika Mallory many times in the past. I’ve said some very unkind things about her, both on this website and on Twitter, where I addressed her directly. I made it abundantly clear to all who read my article that I find her to be a wretched, loathsome, hypocritical, hateful, dishonest, demagogic, pseudo-left-wing antisemitic poseur (which she is) just like Linda Sarsour, whom she is apparently close friends with.

In layman’s terms, she’s scum. And certainly not a progressive — unless your definition of progressive contains an “except the Jews because no one likes them anyway” clause. However, that doesn’t mean she can’t be right about certain things. As trite as that old saying about broken clocks is, it definitely applies here…

“You don’t show up to somebody’s home, needing a place to stay, and decide that you’re going to throw them out and hurt the people who are on that land. And to kill, steal, and do whatever it is you’re gonna do to take that land!”

She is absolutely right. It is wrong to show up to somebody’s home and throw them out. Especially when, upon their return, the dispossessed people are regarded as “thieves” and “settlers” by the very people (or one of them, anyway) responsible for dispossessing them in the first place. Especially when the aforementioned occupier makes several attempts at genocide against the natives (including those who managed to remain over the centuries, and suffered under your occupation of their lands), only to fail repeatedly and whine about how “unfair” it is that you didn’t get to keep everything you stole. And especially when the occupiers respond to their ongoing failure to re-colonize Israel and regain their lost privilege with decades of terrorism, propaganda, expulsions (see: “West Bank” post 1948, and virtually every Arab dominated country in the world), UN blackmail, cultural erasure, and co-option of progressive causes that were created specifically to oppose oppressive colonial powers like you. These are indeed terrible crimes, and it’s a shame that the Arab world never answered for them.

Anti-Zionists really hate this map

“This is not about stopping one side. This is about ensuring that the native people are able to enjoy the land. They shouldn’t ask anybody for their land!”

You’re right, we should be able to enjoy our lands, and we shouldn’t have to ask anybody for them back.

Oh wait, I forgot. You don’t believe Jews are native to historic Israel at all, do you Tamika? In your eyes, we’re just a Captain Planet hodgepodge of impostors “from all over the world” who woke up one day and said “I’m bored…hey, let’s pretend to be an exiled Semitic people and migrate to a disease ridden, sparsely populated patch of desert in the Middle East in the final throes of colonial occupation and tell people that it’s our homeland – you know, just for fun”. You think that somehow, some way, Jews simultaneously emerged out of the ground like potatoes in far flung countries all over the world speaking the same indigenous Levantine tongue, celebrating the same indigenous Levantine holidays, and even sharing the same indigenous Levantine genes, and that it’s all just a ruse to justify “land theft”. How could I have forgotten? Everything is topsy-turvy in Poseur-Left Land, at least when it comes to Jews. Left is right, up is down, colonial peoples are indigenous, and the indigenous people are in fact colonizers. Makes perfect sense!

Except it doesn’t, not to me or to anyone else who doesn’t share in your racist mythology. The rest of us recognize it for the revisionist, contradictory, ahistorical gibberish that it is. But what makes these claims really interesting is that you called us “enemies of Jesus” in one of your Twitter rants. That is an old antisemitic dogwhistle, insinuating that we rejected Jesus and then had him crucified. But that would be impossible, given the fact that Jesus never set foot outside of Israel in his lifetime. And if there were no Jews in Israel back then, how could we have rejected or crucified someone who, according to you, our ancestors had never met in the first place? Because I’m fairly certain that you didn’t have the Romans in mind when you made allusions to “enemies of Jesus”. I look forward to watching you twist yourself into a Gordian knot trying to answer that question.

Moreover, our attachment to Israel goes a bit beyond “needing a place to stay”. Israel isn’t  some refuge where we’ve temporarily set up shop. It is our indigenous homeland, and has been for more than 10,000 years (that’s factoring in the Canaanites, from whom our people originated). Virtually everything about us comes from that place: our identity (the term “Jew” was coined to denote “native inhabitants of Judaea/Judah, in southern Israel”), our ethnogenesis, our root culture, our language, our folklore, our religion, our civilization, our laws, our cuisine staples, and yes, our DNA. It is literally the only place in the world where we are *not* guests. There’s a reason we are, and have always been, called “diaspora Jews” everywhere except the territories comprising historic Israel (modern Israel, “West Bank”, Gaza, and Western Jordan).

Or are you of the opinion that indigenous peoples who are dispossessed for “too long” suddenly lose their right to go home, and that colonizers become “native” just by stealing land and living there a long time? If that is the case, refer to the following image…

If a white guy in Tennessee called himself “indigenous” and referred to exiled Cherokee Indians as “settlers” if they returned, he/she would be laughed right out of the room. But somehow, this logic is acceptable in Israel/Palestine because…..why?

If this were a just world, you and your fellow travelers would have been ousted from polite society long ago; disgraced and utterly alone. And if you have even the tiniest kernel of decency or self-awareness, you will step down now and cede that enormous platform of yours to someone whose heart isn’t smoldering with Jew-hate. Same goes for all of your antisemitic friends.

That’s all for today. Either tomorrow or in a few days, I will publish my critique of your pal Shaun King. It won’t be a polite one.

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Half-Irish/half-Jewish American activist, musician, and writer.