Andrew D. Lappin

Tammy goes to Philly

It is of great concern that Tammy Duckworth, running as a candidate for the United States Senate, who identifies herself as standing with our courageous veterans, can possibly remain so woefully out of touch with the magnitude of dangers posed to the citizens of the United States by radical Islam.

Ms. Duckworth last February, was called to task by the Chicago Tribune editorial board who questioned the wisdom of her attack on Senator Kirk, regarding his opposition to the opening of our nation’s borders to Syrian refugees. Ms. Duckworth surpassing even the president’s position of allowing the immigration of 10,000 Syrian refugees, unimaginably called for allowing the resettlement of 200,000. With bountiful and mounting evidence that a percentage of the first of European wave of Syrian refugees had been insidiously embedded with members of ISIS, it is perplexing that Ms. Duckworth, as a former member of the military, who once took an oath to preserve and protect our nation, could have taken a position so radically at odds with that of our nation’s military and intelligence communities.
Both institutions recognize ISIS as a growing strategic threat.

Yesterday, at The Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Ms Duckworth spoke before the lobby group called J-Street, of which she is a financial beneficiary and a supporter. J-Street’s position on the issue of opposing the spread of radical Islamist violence, is once again at odds with that of our nation’s military and intelligence communities. In her speech before J-Street, Ms. Duckworth supported the restraint of the currently suggested package of advanced missile technologies that would be shared by both the United States and Israel. Israel, our staunchest and arguably most invaluable ally in our defense against radical Islamist aggression, and the United States, would, through these advancements, enjoy the essential opportunity to fortify their qualitative military edge(s).

Senator Kirk, a serious student of totalitarianism, has been at the forefront of the initiative to maintain this edge. In this light it would seem that Ms. Duckworth’s remark’s before J-Street flies defiantly in the face of both Senator Kirk’s and Senator Kirtsten Gildebrand’s (D-NY) letter to the Armed Services Committee, which along with the co-signatures of 36 Senatorial co-sponsors, urges the Committee to immediately adopt the support of this package.

Ms. Duckworth’s use of high-minded platitudes such as in her suggestion before J-Street that “sometimes the best solution is peace or, in actually entering into negotiations” is distressingly out of touch with the imminence and immensity of the threat before us. Is it too much to ask that Ms Duckworth be cognizant of the fact that quoting John Lennon as the barbarians stand before our gates is highly inappropriate?

About the Author
Andrew D. Lappin is a redeveloper of urban industrial properties. He is a former board member of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, the Embers Foundation, the Committe for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting (CAMERA), and serves on The Illinois Policy Board which monitors corporate compliance with the state's anti-BDS statute. The opinions expressed are by Lappin personally and NOT the views of any of the organizations with which he is affiliated.