Tank-full-ness ..or the Kabbalah of Thanksgiving

A mystical riff on thankfulness

Wherever you are in the world is a divine gifting of light pouring through you into your current surroundings.I see this concept conveyed nicely in the english word itself. We are expressing graditude, thanks – for the FULLNESS of our life.

The mindfulness here lies in fostering an awareness of the miraculous way in which our LIMITED human side is filled with soulfulness, a higher consciousness of the Divine UNLIMITED neshama that literally fills us.

The thankfulness is twofold. Firstly in the way that this knowledge fills us with a sense of our own power. The mere knowledge of how the creative mysteriousness that fills the heavens, flows within us as well – fills us with enormous confidence. This leads to the second more significant thankfulness for instilling us with a sense of purpose.

How so?

Only the knowledge of this sacred empowerment enables us to face the world with purposefulness. I can change the world because I’m awesome. Not in an obnoxious way. To the contrary. NOT thinking you’re awesome is a huge slap in g-ds face, and a denying of his existence in you.

A far more serious lapse of faith, than say a theological struggle of a more cosmological nature.
“Nu, g-d says… so he struggles with the Genesis acct. of creation, Big bang big Shmang.. I’ve heard it all before … big deal, look how much of my light he’s spreading with his kindness, look at the purposeful way he projects soulfulness in to his surroundings …there aint no big bang getting him out of bed in the morning… he’s out the door because he feels powerful, and believes in his ability to transform the world… That is really me says g-d. There is so much more of me revealed there, in him than the “Believer” who sits all day and does nothing – there is more of me revealed in him than in the most majestic mountaintop…my presence is trapped there, unable to feed hungry people!

Saying that you cant achieve your dreams is like saying that g-d doesn’t exist in you.

Saying that you want to be somewhere else, inside some other life – is a loss of faith in the g-d that put you precisely in the life that you are in, specifically because YOU are the only one filled with the power to live inside this life and make it whatever it needs to be, whatever you were destined and Bashert to make it!

This was Jacobs big Jewish breakthrough that we read about yesterday. He was only able to imagine the angel, in his proximity to g-d, up there in the great beyond – as possessing the ability to be some kind of g-dly agent, but that since we don’t experience that closeness/awareness, we are powerless to confront the Esavs of the world, and when we do encounter them our only option is to RUN AWAY.

When he dreamt his dream of those angels coming down the ladder, he was filled with a sense of awe – that was actually a sense of his own AWE -someness! He realized that WE are those angels. “I too have the power needed to effect change G-d is in me as well.. I too can be an Angel in this world.” He paved the way for us all to stop running away from our lives. Instead we can choose to be the angels that we were put here to be. We can be the angels that we need to be.
Suddenly the ground beneath us becomes holy ground. WHY? because in receiving power, we become open to purpose. I can change the Esav world. No more running. No more building arks and sailing away.

This ground is holy because I have the power to make it holy!

This actually paved the way for the birth of Judaism. A spiritual way of life that is grounded, ironically – necessarily, in faith in ourselves and our ability to make a difference.

This way of seeing Judasim demands of us a belief, that wherever we have been deployed in the world is exactly the place that is so desperately in need of us.

Today we celebrate by realizing how our ability to be thank – full is tied to the knowledge that indeed our TANK IS FULL – now we just to get behind the wheel of our lives and drive!

Shavua Tov!
Rabbi Yossi

About the Author
Rabbi Yossi Lipsker is the co-founder and executive Director of Chabad of the North Shore and spiritual leader of the Chabad Community Shul. He can be reached at Chabad@me.com
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